K36 to allocate 30% of revenue to AI research

Katy Micallef 3 months ago
K36 to allocate 30% of revenue to AI research

As a B2B iGaming platform provider, K36 is taking on the challenges and opportunities presented by the AI era. In 2023, K36 allocated 30% of its revenue to the field of AI and is currently working on the practical applications of its research findings.

K36’s primary focus in this context is technological innovation, particularly in AI. The company has been integrating AI technology into various aspects of its systems, including programming and multilingual capabilities.

Truman Chia, the Chief Executive Officer of K36, firmly upholds the following guiding principle: “Together, let us explore the truth of coexistence between human culture and AI.”

“As we look forward to the limitless possibilities of the global AI revolution, K36 will lead industry trends, pioneering a new era for cross-generational platforms. We believe that our efforts will continue to redefine the standards of luxury and excellence in the iGaming industry.”

Risk Management, as represented by their 4 Hour Activation Plan (4HAP), is another area where K36 invests significant effort. The company is committed to maintaining the stability of its clients’ operations despite geopolitical fluctuations. K36’s strategy includes a prompt recovery response, with a recovery time of just four hours after any unforeseen incidents, to ensure the integrity of data.

K36 also strives for platform optimization. By utilizing Lighthouse evaluations, K36 measures its performance across several indicators, including SEO, where it has achieved a score of 100. The company is continually seeking ways to improve system optimization.

Representatives from K36 will be joining industry peers at the upcoming SiGMA Asia event, including the SIGMA After Party on July 21st, to discuss developments in the AI era.

For further information or to get in touch with K36, their official website is available at https://www.k36group.com/.

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