King Billy Casino acquires MGA License

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King Billy Casino, a new generation of online casino, available in 6 languages

The Knights of Malta ruled the Malta archipelago for many centuries, leaving their marks in both the buildings and the history of the islands. And in case, you were wondering, there are still about 13,000 Knights of Malta worldwide, today. Oh, and one mighty King.

Who may it be? No other than King Billy, First of His name, Protector of the Players and Guardian of the Realm. (However, since William III of England who reigned in 1700 was informally known as King Billy, shouldn’t this King Billy be second of his name? just asking!)

King Billy Casino acquires MGA License.

King Billy Casino, the many times awarded new generation casino, has perhaps landed the biggest trophy of them all, as the operator is now a proud holder of the Malta Gaming Authority license. Volodymyr Harkusha, King Billy Casino CEO (and “First Lord of the Kingdom” according to the casino’s etiquette) shared a few words with us.

“Indeed, the MGA license feels like a trophy to us. A lot of effort and hard work has been done in only 3 years of operations, but we are finally here. Obviously, we have provided our players a clear and safe framework to play, and have also offered full operator accountability since Day 1, but it is good to have this officially sealed”.

Will the licensed King then come to Malta to meet “his subjects” in the next SiGMA? Harkusha laughs: “As the Voice of the King, I can assure you that he not only expects to come to the next SiGMA Exhibition, but has a few surprises up his royal sleeve for all. Yes, our whole entourage will be at SiGMA to spread the word of the King”.

We can’t wait your Majesty.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a not-for-profit- organization whose mission, since its initiation in the beginning of the millennium, is based on the principle of setting standards for online gambling companies, safeguarding against corruption and crime and offering protection to vulnerable players and minors.

King Billy Casino is a new generation online casino, available in 6 languages (English, Russian, German, Finnish, Norwegian, and Japanese) with an impressive record of 8 awards and nominations in 3 years of existence and a dazzling variety of features. King Billy has created a superb user experience by focusing on the legend of King Billy and his Kingdom and treats all players with the attention they deserve.

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