Leadstar Media set to take My Betting Sites brand into South Africa

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Online lead generation company Leadstar Media is ready to launch My Betting Sites South Africa, adding to the seven territories in which their flagship brand already has a strong presence

My Betting Sites went live in November 2019, initially focusing on the UK, Canada, Kenya, and India. Nigeria soon followed, and by the end of 2020, the New Zealand and Australia websites were complete.

The company as a whole is expanding into new territories every quarter, and COO Oscar Carlsson believes My Betting Sites is the perfect brand to spearhead their growth on a global scale.

“We wanted to create a product that could be the go-to affiliate website across a wide range of countries, and it has all gone to plan so far,” said Carlsson.

“Each country has a dedicated project manager and that means that each part of the site has its own identity and tone. But there seems to be a domino effect where positive results are concerned, so it’s a win-win in that regard.

Lead star media“It just makes sense for us to keep adding new countries to the site rather than starting brand new projects in these territories – though that may follow in the future.”

Sports betting is legal in South Africa through licensed bookmakers, but there have been restrictions on gambling in the country throughout its history, so education is a priority for My Betting Sites – not just acquiring new players for partners.

Carlsson highlighted the importance of being a source of accurate and up to date information so that My Betting Sites maintains its credibility long-term.

“The laws around online gambling aren’t as black and white in some countries as they are in the UK, so trust is an important factor and something we are establishing with our users,” said the co-founder.

“We are very particular about the operators that we partner with, and we would never send anybody to a sportsbook or casino that is not completely safe and secure.

“Regulations are constantly changing so to retain our credibility we have to stay on top of everything  and that’s why we have different people working on each branch of My Betting Sites.”

My Betting sites. comLeadstar has been flexible in its approach over the past year, and has tried to make the most of the circumstances by creating a working environment that can be just as effective and inclusive from home as it is from their Stockholm office.

Full-time staff are working remotely all over the world, and Product Director Jacob Ljunggren believes this has helped the company and its projects move forward.

“We have always had staff across all continents, but now we are embracing it more than ever,” said Ljunggren.

“It has allowed us to look at the bigger picture and do what is necessary to make an impact in as many countries as possible.

“We believe that My Betting Sites, and our other projects, are the best of their kind on the market because they are created by people that know their markets inside out and in many cases are actually from the relevant country.”

After the impending My Betting Sites South Africa launch, My Betting Sites Ghana is expected to arrive shortly thereafter.

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