Macau’s biggest junket boss reportedly gives mistress $38 million as ‘breakup fee’

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Suncity’s boss, Alvin Chau, reportedly paid $38million to Malaysian-American model, Mandy Lieu, as their five year relationship ended

The Straits Times reported that back in 2019, Malaysian-American model Mandy Lieu  after realising that her five-year relationship with Macau’s biggest junket operator, Suncity, Alvin Chau is going nowhere – decided to cut ties, despite  having three children together. 

Lieu reportedly ended the relationship after it became apparent that the 45-year-old entrepreneur had no intention of divorcing his wife, 38-year-old Heidi Chan. 

Alvin Chau | SiGMA NewsShe was apparently not content to remain Chau’s mistress throughout their five-year relationship while Heidi Chan was also reportedly unhappy with the arrangement. 

According to The Straits Times, Lieu will be receiving HK$300 million ($38 million) from Chau, which will be regarded as a break up fee.

When Lieu began dating Chau in 2014, they kept the relationship out in the open, with pictures emerging of Lieu attending functions with Chau. Despite Chau still being married to Chan. 

Lieu gave birth to three of Chau’s children and has been raising them in London, with Chau pledging to continue to visit them. 

Chau has two other children with his wife and another son from a previous marriage. 

Heidi Chan, who has been vocal about the other women, telling them to stay away from her husband, had reportedly sought a divorce from Chau in the Mandy Lieu | SiGMA Newspast 
However, Chau wants to keep his family intact even though he is known to have a wandering eye.

A divorce from Chan would be a lot more expensive for Chau as much of his wealth was earned after they were married.  His current net worth has been estimated to be no less than $2 billion by Wealth-X.

After the break up, during a recent interview, Lieu confirmed that the relationship was over and has reportedly bought a  property worth £28million in the UK to kickstart her own business in eco farming which will focus on producing organic food.


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