Majority in UK support gambling ads ban

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A survey conducted by YouGov shows that majority of adults and young people back this ban

The Royal Society for Public Health has called on the UK Government to tighten restrictions on gambling ads as part of its Gambling Act Review.

This call has come after a survey conducted by YouGov found that 77% of adults and 66% of 11-17year olds are all in favour to ban gambling adverts shown on TV and radio before 9pm.

The final results of the research showed massive support for tighter regulations on gambling advertising, with almost two-thirds of all adult respondents and, even more surprisingly, over half the younger generation are all backing the ban on ads promoting gambling products.

Paddypower gambling ad

Meanwhile, only 14% of adults and children are opposed to the blanket ban. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about gambling ads especially at a time when the Euro’s are taking place. However, with this newly proposed ban, audiences will only be exposed to the gambling ads in the second half of matches that kick-off at 8pm.

Furthermore, gambling ads are not the only type of advertisement to face a ban as the Government has also banned adverts promoting high foods in fat, salt and sugar to face the same faith as gambling.

What else was the public in favour of?

  • No gambling social media ads and online before 9pm (74% adults & 64% young adults)
  • Ban on gambling companies sponsoring sports teams and events (65% adults & 54% young adults)
  • Push govt to enforce payment from gambling industry to reduce and prevent gambling addiction ( 76% adults)

According to certain research, there is enough evidence showcasing the potential impact gambling could have on behaviour, which could trigger and increase gambling activity. The banning of gambling ads could cause a widespread effect on the gambling industry as well as other industries.

For example, many sporting clubs and events rely on the gaming industry’s sponsorships. However, the call for banning gambling ads has been going on for a while and it seems like the majority’s call for a ban is set to be answered.

Source: RSHP

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