Malta’s gradual return to normality heralds good news for the events industry

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Malta sets its sight on a speedy economic recovery with impeccable COVID-19 management


Malta was the best among all affected countries as statistics show that one in every 20 persons in the population were tested.


With Malta ranking at the top of the charts for its impeccable performance and COVID-19 testing rate worldwide, Prime Minister Robert Abela together with Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne and Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci announced the lifting of further measures in a press conference on Monday . These measures will see restaurants, hairdressers and beauticians opening their doors again this Friday after a two-month lapse. 

The decision to ease further measures in Malta was taken following the low rate of active cases, coupled with the fact that the majority of patients had lighttonosymptoms at all.  Although most patients are recovering from home, the country’s increase in its bed and resource capacity to deal with the pandemic has also guided the decision by medical and scientific bodies to ease restrictions. 

In an article published by Investment Migration Insider, Malta classified first in terms of testing. The article stated “In terms of testing, Malta appears to have done the best job, having already tested about 1 in 20 inhabitants. Worldwide, only three countries – Iceland, Faroe Islands, and the UAE – all but one of which have considerably smaller populations than Malta, have tested a greater share of their populations. Furthermore, only one in ten thousand of those tested have died, another great achievement. 


Prime Minister Robert Abela emphasises that we can’t take any wrong decisions, as these will be detrimental for the country and its economy.


Abela concluded on a positive note, urging individuals to not let fear get the best of them as from Friday the country can start to return to normality. He says “We are strong enough to never accept an emergency becoming the normal.  That restaurants would be closed, people be stuck at home, not going to work… that is not a normality that gives people quality of life. People are designed to celebrate life.” 

Lifting the first set of measures on the 4th of May have proven to be successful and Abela thanked everyoneclaiming that the country’s victory so far is “the success of united people and a nation that faced an unprecedented crisis.” 

When it comes to the tourism industry, Malta is back on its feet. The CEO of Heritage Malta says that the islands’ low rate of COVID-19 deaths could make them more attractive to tourists in the future.  


Mary Larken, UFI President believes that the exhibition industry knows how to create conditions where attendees can go about their business while taking necessary precautions in the age of COVID-19.


Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli seems to also be extremely optimistic and says that “The largest branding that Malta will have is that it is safe due to the way we have handled the Covid-19 situation.” Farrugia Portelli highlighted the fact that we are at a point where internal tourism can restart and as from this Friday the engines will be re-started towards the normality we were used to. 

As lockdown regulations are gradually lifted all around the world, UFI, the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry in Germany, has welcomed a decision by the German government to pave way for exhibitions and trade shows in the country reopen. 

Germany’s national government and the 16 Länder states have announced that B2B trade shows are now on the list of activities that are explicitly listed as possible, rather than being classified as mass gatherings, which are to remain banned until the end of August.  

Mary Larken UFI president said “we are advocating that not all types of events are equal, and it is encouraging to see that this message has reached the government of one of the world’s most important exhibition market.” 

“Every exhibition is an organised event – as an industry we know how to create conditions where attendees can go about their business while taking necessary precautions in the age of COVID-19.” 


The iGaming industry in Malta accounts for a sizeable part of the economy, amounting to over €1.2 billion, or over 12 per cent of the local GDP.  


Earlier this week, UFI published a “Global Framework guidance for the safe reopening of exhibitions and B2B trade events”. Put together with a global task force representing all parts of the  exhibitions ecosystem, the document delivers the guidance towards both political decision makers and health authorities about how we as an industry are able to provide a safe environment in the age of COVID-19. 

Globally the exhibition sector generates €68.7 ($81.1) billion in direct GDP and contributes a total economic impact of €275 ($325) billion. This ranks the sector as the 56th largest economy in the world, larger than those of countries such as Hungary, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, and Ecuador. According to Maltachamber.org.mt the iGaming industry in Malta accounts for a sizeable part of the economy, amounting to over €1.2 billion, or over 12 per cent of the local GDP.  


SiGMA expo floor, where iGaming professionals come together!


Events such as SiGMA Malta are the perfect platform for the exhibition sector to conjoin with the iGaming industry. Such an exhibition would respond perfectly well to alleviate the economic impact COVID-19 is having on the islands. This pandemic has affected plans for many events, activities and gatherings, but SiGMA – the world’s iGaming festival is still scheduled to run from the 17th till the 19th of November. 

Whether you are an online casino operator, affiliate, game developer or connected to iGaming in any way, this summit promises to be a key event on the iGaming calendar! In this event we can see eminent experts and industry leaders brainstorm the developments in the gaming and betting industry 

COVID-19 has provided a unique opportunity to stand together and rethink how we live and work. Our human need to interact and exchange information in person will result in a quick recovery especially since the exhibition industry has proven to be incredibly resilient. This is the time where we demonstrate that our industry can lead the way in balancing interaction while still maintaining safe practices! 

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