Marketing and PR iGaming Tips: Meet Tal Itzhak Ron & Genia Gurevitz

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iGaming Marketing and PR insights to be the focus of panel discussion at the upcoming SiGMA Digital Summit

Israeli lawyers Tal Itzhak Ron and Genia Gurevitz are returning to SiGMA TV with an interview session planned exclusively towards the forthcoming SIGMA Digital Summit; their spectacular How to boost sales, marketing and PR in the iGaming industry: Tips from the experts panel.

In this exclusive digital session, they have gathered top industry experts to discuss, brainstorm and share their insights of the foreseeable future of the iGaming sector.

Overcoming operational challenges, regulatory and financial hurdles and recent trends will be discussed, as well as professional tips to market your business successfully. This insightful virtual discussion, hosted by the industry’s sought after veteran Tal Ron is an event not to be missed. We caught a few moments with Tal and Genia to ask them some questions ahead of the event.

What do you think of the SIGMA Digital Summit edition?

Our firm has been attending SIGMA in Malta since its humble beginning in 2014, and the number of global events curated by SIGMA that we have missed over the years could be counted on one hand. We like working with the entire team in SIGMA, which from our experience are very professional and bring a lot to the table. Eman is also a close personal friend, who even came to Tel Aviv to celebrate Tal’s birthday last year.

The fact that physical events were postponed and new digital events are replacing them for the forthcoming months will not reduce from the overall experience of iGaming networkers, and I’m sure that the SiGMA team, now joined by Clarion, will do a terrific job.

Tal Itzhak Ron (right) speaking on an eSports panel at SiGMA 2019.

How is the pandemic currently affecting you and your firm?

As our business is a ‘people business’ it mainly affects ‘how’ we do, not what we do. There is much less human interaction – though we come to the office almost every day. We have two locations in Tel Aviv (Ha’Arbaa Towers and Museum Tower) so we could split our teams between them. Those who live outside of Tel Aviv work mainly from home. Meetings takings place by phone, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, and recently also face-to-face at our 18th floor balcony with all the necessary measures.

On the other hand, since we’re in the online business, fortunately, there is hardly any difference in the scope of our work and there is even an increase, due to the fact that a majority of people both in Europe, and in Asia, are still at home most of their time. Many gaming and e-commerce companies (which are most of our clients), notice a surge in their revenues. We really believe everything will be back to normal soon enough.

What advice would you give operators, service providers and affiliates during the current climate?

Regardless of what is happening, people must stay positive and look forward. Take the time to evaluate what you do and how to improve it.

Alongside Tal Itzhak Ron, Genia Gurevitz will take part in a panel on marketing and pr in the iGaming industry.

What will be your panel that you prepare for SIGMA TV?

We’ll deal with marketing, PR and sales tips in iGaming. Some of the speakers are first time with me on stage, and I managed to get them exclusively for this session. In any case it will be exciting.

Tal, I heard your musical career is on the rise as well. Can you tell me more about it?

I have been writing songs since a very early age and have been recording and producing music for years, mainly inspired by 80’s style British New Wave and Italo Disco. I wish I had a great British accent like you, Jessica! it would definitely be cool to sing like that! J Tom Campione is my artistic and producer name, and I am signed by Israel’s largest music company, NMC United. You can check more about my music here, www.tomcampione.com. I’ve recently heard some rumours that there will be a special performance in Malta during SIGMA in November, but I cannot comment on that at the moment!

Stay safe out there!


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