Matsui Gaming releases COVID-19 resistent casino chips

Posted: Aug 06, 2020 13:35 Category: Asia , Land-Based , Posted by Katy

Matsui Gaming, the Japan-based company, releases a new line of casino chips that kills microorganisms, helping to stem the spread of the virus and protect the quality of the chips

Japanese supplier, Matsui Gaming, has developed a new line of casino chips with Nova Guard Chip Protect, which kills microorganisms, stopping their growth and spread. Matsui Gaming has imbued the chips with an antimicrobial material which is added into the plastic rim and center decal. The added material doesn’t alter the look or feel of the chips and they keep the same weight. 


Matsui GamingManaging Director of Matsui Asia Shigeki Machida, said: “We are very excited to introduce our new gaming chips with added Nova Guard material. Since the start of the global pandemic now over six months ago, we have worked very hard and invested a lot to develop and prepare this product for mass production.

‘Whilst the pandemic was moving rapidly from Asia to Europe and then to the Americas, we have seen and spoken with numerous casinos who had started using their own methods of cleaning and sterilising chips, from antiviral sprays to Ultraviolet Sterilisers.” and he added: “Although they may be a temporary solution, they do not come without risk of damaging the individual chip’s material strength but also changing the chip colors over prolonged use.”  

Shigeki Machida further elaborated: “Our Nova Guard Chip Protect chips will not require any such process or carry that risk as the chips’ own active antimicrobial properties are an inbuilt protection to stop the spread of virus causing bacteria.” 


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