Meet the SiGMA Balkans/CIS Pitch Finalists

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 10 months ago
Meet the SiGMA Balkans/CIS Pitch Finalists

Since the first SiGMA Startup Pitch in 2016, SiGMA has striven to support up-and-coming start-ups and the pitch is once again happening as part of the SiGMA Balkans/CIS summit happening in Limassol next week. The SiGMA Pitch is an invaluable opportunity for start-up to connect to investors and mentors and widen their networking reach. The top start-ups have been shortlisted and will face the judges during the summit.

Here are the SiGMA pitch finalists, appearing below in alphabetical order


AIVOTAR is a cloud-based self-service platform and marketplace of fully autonomous AI-driven conversational virtual agents (VA) with omnichannel capabilities including voice, text, and email, which support human-like complex conversations and mimic emotions. Our solution increases efficiency in human resource (operators) utilization while transforming communications with clients to the next level, building a modern technology base for new product creation to boost business digital transformation and reduce operational, marketing, and communications costs. The One of its unique features is its AI import module that automatically creates a virtual agent (VA) based on existing call script and/or call recordings.AIVOTAR started operating in July 2023 and currently has 2 employees.



Curra is a decentralized crypto processing protocol with the goal of providing a trustless on-chain backend for merchants, custodians, and B2B services, enabling them to onboard the next billion users to crypto. Curra’s uniqueness is its promise to change the way how merchants and custodians utilize crypto processing, providing first-ever trustless on-chain back-end to accept crypto. The Curra Protocol supports most EVM-compatible blockchains, and the company is working towards launching on the Tron blockchain. The brains behind CURRA is Pavlo Luchkovskyi, who has been in the fintech and crypto industry since 2018.

Curra started operating in January 2023 and currently has 5 employees.

Fair Payments Pte. Ltd


FairPay is a young upcoming company that provides Alternative Payment Methods (APM’s) that acts as an aggregator to High Risk Merchants in Casino/Gaming/Gambling/Spots/Betting/Lottery as well as FX brokers, Financial Educators and Crypto exchanges Industries from all over the world. We specialized and cover 85% of the LATAM Continent, offering pay-in and pay-out services. Our in-house developed API/Payment Gateway Technology and Back Office work in tandem to provide an exceptional solution for all our clients and partners. We are integrated in a number of Cashiers, facilitating integration of our solutions which are always expanding to cover the demand of our clients and Partners.

FairPay started operating in November 2023 and currently has 5 employees.

Watch the SiGMA Europe 2022 Pitch winners

SiGMA Startup Pitch Winner Surfer Penguin’s Founder & CEO Pablo Fernandez and Founder Ruben Arias join SiGMA reporter Panis Pieri in the latest SiGMA interview at our SiGMA Europe 2022 Summit.

SiGMA Europe 2022 pitch winners interview



Pokerload is a mobile app that aims to automate and enhance every aspect of the traditional land-based poker experience. We aim to eliminate tedious processes like waiting in long queues to be seated, searching for nearby poker games and venues, money withdrawal at ATMs and keeping manual records of your performance. Our app offers a hassle-free and enjoyable experience that lets you focus on the game and immerse yourself in the competition without any distractions. A unique feature offered is providing players with a live-feed of updates, news and table status of the local poker games while enabling a digital filtering and requests for the games of their preferences.

Pokerload started operating in September 2023 and currently has 2 employees.

VGM Corp

VGM Corp

VGM presents an innovative iGaming platform tailored for businesses to establish their own online gambling websites. It seamlessly integrates a vast array of casino games, sports betting providers, and secure payment options. Operators enjoy complete autonomy in customizing their websites, including game lobby management and site structure modifications. With multi-language and multi-currency support, operators can tap into diverse markets. The platform incorporates robust tools for player management, risk and fraud prevention, bonus creation, and real-time reporting, fostering success in the competitive iGaming industry. Additionally, VGM’s powerful site builder tool enables the creation of intuitive, localized client websites within a remarkable turnaround of just 3 days.

VGM Corp started operating in October 2022 and currently has 20 employees.

Why pitch at SiGMA?

Legitimization, global visibility and fundraising opportunities are just three of the pluri-faceted benefits previous Start-up Pitch winners have discovered. The most recent SiGMA Pitch was held in Manila during the SiGMA Asia International Summit where Credexon emerged victorious. PalletPal, winners of the Startup Pitch in Dubai at AIBC in 2021, say, “A word to the wise – if you are a startup or entrepreneur considering whether or not to participate in such an event, just remember this: There is no better way to practice pitching, affirm your problem statement, and validate your solution than by taking the stage and telling your story. Win or lose, the experience will only make you stronger.”

Meet the host and panel of judges here.

Join a future SiGMA Pitch

Interested in iGaming or want to meet the start-up finalists? Join us at SiGMA SiGMA Balkans & CIS Summit: Last Minute Tickets Now Available!

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