Michigan investigators seize 56 illegal gaming machines

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Michigan investigators seize 56 illegal gaming machines

Michigan state investigators say they have seized 56 gaming machines and more than $12,700 in profit in raids against illegal operations in the state.

The raids were at the end of September and followed joint investigations by the Michigan Department of Attorney General and the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

The raids targeted illegal gambling in gas stations, the local government said in a statement. 

“We’ve seen an increasing number of complaints about alleged illegal gambling, and we appreciate the help received from citizens who call our tip line at 888-314-2682,” said Henry Williams, Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director. “The MGCB works closely with local law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged illegal gambling locations, which do not provide the protections associated with legal, regulated gaming and can bring unwanted crime to neighborhoods.”

Raids target gas stations

Investigations targeted alleged illegal gambling at gas stations located at 25845 Eight Mile Road, Redford Township, 8808 Pelham Road, Taylor, and 19350 Ecorse Road, Allen Park. The fourth location, The Hot Spot, is a storefront at 5542 Fenton Road, Mundy Township, near Flint. Investigators removed one gaming machine from each gas station and 53 machines from the Mundy Township storefront.

The state of Michigan reported total gross iGaming receipts rose 3.9 percent to $130.9 million in August, the latest figure available from the regulator. Sports betting gross receipts were $24 million, up 11 percent from July. 

During the first eight months of 2022, aggregate internet gaming adjusted gross receipts totaled $916.4 million, and aggregate internet sports betting adjusted gross receipts were $104.2 million.

The state’s three casinos reported $106.14 million in monthly revenue. 


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