Mindway AI reveals play protection solutions for Dutch operators

Posted:: Oct 01, 2021 11:06 Category: Europe , Online , Regulatory , Responsible Gaming ,

Mindway AI is prepared to provide responsible gambling solutions for its Dutch customers for a seamless online shift

As a solution provider and responsible gambling partner, Mindway AI is looking to aid their existing and new customers with the soon-to-begin launch of the online gambling market in the Netherlands.

The provider of responsible gaming solutions is carefully following the laws and the growth of the Dutch market and offers a comprehensive overview of the issues facing operators. Holland Casino and HANDS 24×7 are among the established clients in the Netherlands.

Mindway AI’s solutions include Gamalyze, which is a self-testing application that provides advice and self-awareness to gamblers, and GameScanner, which is used to look out for at-risk and problem gamblers, both of which have been widely adopted by their customers!

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI said: “The Dutch online market regulation is a natural next step as we also saw it happening in Germany earlier this year. With the opening of the Dutch market, software solutions to monitor gambling and to create self-awareness in gamblers are even more important as the human contact is more difficult online, but gamblers still need to be protected from developing unhealthy gambling behavior. We are ready to help our existing customers with our expertise and solutions and of course also embrace new customers in creating responsible and sustainable gambling

Mindway AI tries to continuously increase player safety and gambling sustainability while keeping gambling enjoyable. As the software of GameScanner operates behind the scenes, players will not see that. It will warn operators that play is out of hand, intervening with 1-2% of players for whom gambling becomes a problem. The algorithm will warn them. It also offers a clear picture of all player data which gives operators with a completely automated 360° view of all of their client databases.

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