MioMedia, a new innovative affiliate program in the iGaming market to attend SiGMA Europe event

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In this interview, SiGMA News sits down with Jimmy Tyrell, Head of Affiliates at MioMedia to discuss the company’s vision and steps forward in this sphere

You joined MioMedia in June this year, how did you find it starting with a new company during a lockdown?

It’s been fantastic. I’m lucky enough to have lived in Malta for over seven years now so there were some familiar faces greeting me online from day one. As we’ve grown over these past few months and moved back towards a normal office life, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming others I know from the industry in the same way. As a team as well as a company, we put great emphasis on doing whatever social events the restrictions have allowed, to ensure we all feel like we’re part of something special here.

miomedia | SiGMA News
Jimmy Tyrell, Head of Affiliates at MioMedia.

How are you settling into the role? What were your initial objectives? How are these working out?

I’m lucky to work with similar mindsets at MioMedia, where everyone has a job to do, and as long as we’re all pulling in the same direction, we’re bound to go far. With the launch of Neon54, our strategy has been to establish this brand in the emerging markets across Europe, LatAm and beyond. I want to grow Neon54 so that it’s the market leader in these areas, using the USP of five different welcome offers and extraordinary avatars to capture the imagination of new players across the globe.

I held this position with another operator prior to coming here, so this gave me a great platform to attack the role properly, and the launch couldn’t have gone better. We’re really pleased to see how this brand develops in the coming years, while preparation is already underway to launch new brands and verticals in the near future. The hard work never stops!

Now that we are returning to shows, what are you looking forward to most? With face-to-face meetings being impossible over the past 18 months, how important are they?

Having been in this industry for many years, these conferences are a great chance to catch up with not only new and existing partners but also ex-colleagues and friends that may have moved on from Malta but stayed within the industry. After a year that most of us spent sitting on a couch, I’m positive that there’s plenty who are glad to board a plane to sunny Malta. These shows are always great for business, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to say thank you to your favourite clients, maybe grab some dinner and plan out the next quarter’s campaigns.

As much as a phone call is better than an email, a face-to-face blows them both out of the water. Intelligence, context, body language, even humor, can all be harder to get across digitally and, as everyone in this industry knows, the interpersonal and social side of affiliate marketing is key. It helps you see each other in a more human way and makes working together much easier moving forward.

How was your experience at IGB Amsterdam and SBC Barcelona and what are your plans for SiGMA?

It was lovely to get back to conferences after such a long time without attending one. Amsterdam, in particular, felt like a school reunion. From an account management perspective, it undoubtedly improves the relationship when you can put a face to the name or, even better, if you can grab your business partner a beer and actually get to know them. Having the chance to sit together and discuss performance from both ends of the spectrum in great detail is invaluable. At MioMedia, flexibility is key.

This is true when it comes to commission structures, acquisition methods, segmented retention campaigns, and how we can work together with our partners on bespoke campaigns. At SiGMA, we’ll be welcoming partners old and new to the stand BR13, to thank them for making our first brand’s launch so successful and to find innovative new ways for us to grow together and ensure our numbers keep increasing. To put it simply, we’d like to be each other’s most important clients.

What should we expect from MioMedia next year?

When it comes to our next year’s objective plan, MioMedia has included a blend of tactical strategies established on an analysis of our previous performance and estimates for the future. We are looking to make the first move into new markets with Neon54, establishing the company’s improvement abilities to offer world-leading content that will bring engaging experiences for customers internationally.

In addition, our next go-to plan for increasing the brand’s reach is cooperation with more affiliates. Last but not least, MioMedia is looking to hire more team members and set up a culture promoting growth.

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