Movement Labs win the SiGMA Pitch competition in São Paulo

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Movement Labs win the SiGMA Pitch competition in São Paulo

Movement Labs was crowned the winner of the SiGMA Pitch competition at the inaugural SiGMA x Brazilian iGaming Summit Americas Summit.

Held on the 15th of June, the event in São Paulo, Brazil, was overseen by a panel of esteemed industry professionals.

10 start-ups took to the stage to showcase their innovative concepts, before Movement Labs was ultimately awarded the coveted SiGMA prize.

Movement is a framework that allows the creation and use of Move blockchain infrastructure in any distributed environment, delivering advanced technologies directly to users, projects, and blockchains.

Rushikesh Manche, Movement Labs Co-Founder.
Rushikesh Manche, Movement Labs Co-Founder.

Its initial endeavour, Mocha, was inaugurated with the support of Ava Labs and offered immediate liquidity and an increase in users to the Avalanche ecosystem, which is a high-speed, scalable blockchain platform for decentralized apps and digital assets.

Most importantly offering fast transactions, low fees, and interoperability with other blockchains. Used in finance, asset tokenisation, and gaming, which are all areas that Movement Labs themselves provide solutions for.

Movement’s specific strengths lie in its ability to solve blockchain cold start issues. Assisting projects such as Aptos and Sui that emerged from Meta’s Libra business and tech teams.

These projects were constructed with exceptional smart contract programming language but lacked the necessary knowledge of Layer One advancements, which is where Movement has come to bridge the gap.

In the words of Rushikesh Manche, Movement Labs Co-Founder:

We’re building the world’s fastest and most customisable blockchain design for retail and institutional markets, whether it’s gaming, gambling, or DeFi – we’re changing the world.

The pitch winners were pleased with their success, recognising the SiGMA Americas Summit’s exhibition and networking opportunities:

SiGMA was a great event, it was incredible to meet people from different institutions, and the venue was amazing – really cool to be here.


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