MPL bans over a million user accounts increasing transparency and fairness

Posted: Nov 30, 2022 11:26 Category: Casino , Online , Regulatory , Posted by Maria Debrincat

MPL, one of the biggest mobile and skill gaming platforms worldwide, has banned more than a million user accounts that broke the rules and cheated their way to alter outcomes on the platform in their favour.

The corporation has taken this action in order to maintain its ability to offer customers a safe and fair gaming environment. According to the platform, it has security mechanisms in place that allow them to quickly identify and ban fake accounts when they are established.

A few of the main reasons why MPL restricted user accounts are the use of multiple accounts by the same user to access the platform, the uploading of fabricated or doctored KYC documents, the use of unauthorised payment methods, such as stolen cards, and cheating through the use of any hacks or collusion strategies .

Ruchir Patwa, VP of Security and Compliance, MPL, in a statement said “This move is aligned to our player-first approach and also highlights MPL’s zero tolerance towards users who resort to illegal practices in order to alter gameplay results and gain an unfair advantage. With initiatives like this, MPL is poised to continue being a safe and user-friendly platform that is trusted by the users,”

The gaming platform has also made a number of announcements to support the player-first philosophy and give users a risk-free and safe gaming environment.

It has employed best-in-class technological strategies that enable granular fraud account detection, including identification of the devices used to establish the accounts. Once a user has been blocked, they frequently start new accounts with alternative email addresses. MPL, however, recognises these illicit login attempts performed using the same device with the use of cutting-edge technology and permanently revokes their access. This makes sure that banned players are suspended and kicked off the platform, giving real players the confidence to sign up for tournaments.

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