Multiexperience development: A new approach to business improvement

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Do you know that Multiexperience was considered to be the top technology trend of the year 2020 and it will develop even more in 2021?

Multiexperience development is all about a seamless experience for the customer. Designed to bring technology to a whole new level, in a way that can understand people’s needs better, that is a platform that has the capability to unite all different types of interaction with the customer. Apps, mobile, web and other modalities – all developed in a way to stay connected with customers.

By choosing it, you are bringing your customers needs and desires first.

What is multiexperience development?

It is a new approach to have full digital transformation. Through this process, our goal is to give apps that are perfectly tailored to match different touch-point modalities – voice, audio, gesture…Those apps will change the way users interact with your brand.

With this transformation, Quantox  will help you to overcome the challenges of making digital experience that goes beyond the usual one.

There are a few reasons why you should consider switching from mobile-focused app development to multiexperience development strategy:

First, it is an essential step for your business because the customers will know that one app is all that they need. An app that is functional in a whole variety of devices and platforms. No limitations – from AR to chats, from wearable to conventional apps, with this process development itself is faster and it gives well targeted and seamless user experience.

Aritcle logo1 blackHow is this possible? Let’s say it this way – many technologies in one developing platform. United, they speed up the deployment process and you get a fully distributed environment and better control. By replacing a heavy network of various programs with one central system you will increase your operational efficiency. With our help, managing day-to-day internal tasks will be a lot easier.
What is also important – with outsourcing multiexperience development you will get reusable code. Release time is faster, so customers’ feedback will also be faster and all additional improvements are not delayed.

One of the strongest benefits of multiexperience – this platform allows you to have complete insight on all apps, systems, devices that you use so security risks are way lower.

Building this kind of application is a complex process. It implies hiring experienced developers, with a wide range of skills. Quantox Technology, as an outsourcing partner, can support you through this journey of digital transformation. Whether our client is a start-up, small business or an established company, our priority is always the same – focus on quality, cost-effectiveness and strategic approach that will make your business grow and be more successful.

Combined talents of our experts allow us to confidently create virtually any kind of digital product for desktop, mobile, and VR devices. Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager who will serve at a single point of contact for the client, streamlining the entire process while setting clearly defined milestones and managing our in-house staff in a modular manner to provide only the programming services, fully responsive designs, development of native mobile apps, full-time server management, unique content creation or other specific services needed to exceed the highest expectations.

Quantox offers an open and transparent environment for all our clients around the world. This trust can improve the ease of doing business with us, and enable work with an extremely professional team, and a high-quality product. Sharing essential information is crucial for unobstructed workflow.

We are trusted by many Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Recently, Quantox Technology became an international company as we opened offices in North Macedonia, Ukraine and Germany. 15 years of dedicated work, over 120 finished projects. Responsible behaviour and care, both for clients and employees, are our core values and something that will play an increasingly important role in almost every industry, in the years to come.

We are committed to making crucial steps for further growth in the future.

Do you want to take a ride with us?


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