NetBet To Add BlueRibbon’s Gamification Solution

Posted: Jan 12, 2021 12:16 Category: Europe , Online , Posted by Content Team

NetBet has signed a new partnership deal with B2B marketing provider BlueRibbon

NetBet  is a top online gaming destination for players in regulated countries, including the UK, Romania, Greece, Germany, and Ireland. The iGaming operator is well-known for continually adding new content and features to its offering, keeping players coming back for more. The addition of BlueRibbon’s solution will complement this objective and enhance NetBet’s ability to distinguish itself as an industry leader.

By integrating BlueRibbon’s content-agnostic solution, NetBet will be able to create innovative, personalized jackpot BlueRibbon CMO Dan Fischercampaigns tied to any of the hundreds of gaming titles the operator offers regardless of which company supplied that content. BlueRibbon’s customized jackpots are specifically designed to help operators further gamify the player experience, increasing player engagement and loyalty while reaching any KPIs.

Of the partnership, BlueRibbon CMO Dan Fischer said, “We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with NetBet, a brand of choice for so many players around the world. We believe that our gamification solutions will create an irresistible sense of excitement for players while giving NetBet the distinct advantage of differentiating itself.

Echoing that sentiment, NetBet PR manager Claudia Georgevici said, “BlueRibbon is the kind of cutting-edge company we are always looking to partner with. We see that players love the excitement jackpots offer, and the ability for us to create our own jackpots, aligned with player behaviors, will be an excellent marketing and engagement tool for us.”

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