Casinos in Chile steadily working towards prior tentative reopening

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Casino operators in Chile are proposing gradual resumption of operations in Phase 4 before tentative Phase 5 reopening

Casinos in Chile have been under imposed closure order due to the spread of COVID-19 since the 18th of March.

In these seven months, the struggles  have been increasing as casinos have to keep up with their  buisnesses by maintaining installations while paying their workers. A lot of these workers have undergone a reduced salary.

The new protocol, which still needs to be approved by the Ministry of Health, will enable, if approved by the mentioned entity, casinos to get back to operation once the communes they are located enter in the phase 4 of the so called “Step by Step” plan.

With the need of casinos to start functioning again, and requests from industry players, although casinos weren’t to open until they enter stage 5, adjustments were made so installations can resume their activity in phase 4.

After this revision was done, casino operators presented a new approach to the protocol, proposing a gradual reopening of casinos in steps 3,4 and 5, to apply to the different scenarios and possibilities.

Nicolás Imschenetzky - Casinos in ChilePresident of Marina del Sol, Nicolás Imschenetzky, stated that ‘a slot machine, where a client sits and can spend between 10 minutes to 1 hour, is very easy to clean, the client is sitting alone and, furthermore, the machines can be placed far enough away so that social distance is maintained. With a limited capacity and appropriate sanitary measures, the slots can be opened in Phase 3’.

The guild has stated that since mid-August, a constant collaboration has been done in order to create protocols, measures and have the equipment necessary to make casinos more accessible and secure to the public, complying with all the security requirements needed.

From this, Rodrigo Guíñez, general manager of the ACCJ (seen to the left), said ‘we are certain that our work, together with that of the authority, will allow full compliance with health measures and thus be able to anticipate our opening even in Phase 3 with special operating conditions, if the authority allows”.

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