New YouGov research – Women’s gambling motivations

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New YouGov research – Women’s gambling motivations

YouGov presents a study – Women’s gambling motivations

British international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm that specialize in market research and opinion polling through online methods. The company’s methodology involves obtaining responses from an invited group of Internet users and then adapt them in line with demographic information.

This time around they spent some time analyzing Women’s gambling motivations which will be useful for many, especially online operators. The study outlines the opportunity to better understanding their behavior and choices when it comes to gambling. As expected, those numbers vary drastically when compared with men motivations. The major factor of gambling for women – as high as 36% was related as a “fun thing to do”. That is their most common driver for gambling activity. As anticipated the second most popular response was in regards to “dream of winning”. That occurred in almost 30%. The third motivation, around 20% was craving for a “huge win”. The last significant factor, close to 10% was to “enhancing the experience of what they are betting on”. The remaining 4% did not provide the researcher with a clear answer.  

The rest of the report includes the different opinions between women and men about gambling industry. Showcasing a higher number of women who feel that online gambling should not be allowed. Additionally, it shows that women are less comfortable talking about gambling with their family or friends.  

Finalizing “Coupling this result with data around barriers, well-crafted marketing initiatives could help increase the female consumer base to achieve gender parity in the online gambling space.” YouGov stated. 

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