No new cases in Macau for 108 consecutive days

Posted: Jul 16, 2020 11:19 Category: Asia , Casino , Posted by Maria Debrincat

No new cases in Macau for 108 consecutive days were recorded. The Health Bureau in said that operations have been running smoothly

The New Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center held their regular press conference yesterday.

Conde de São Januário Hospital Director Luo Yi Lung (Macau’s only public regional general hospital) said that as of July 15 there have been no cases in Macau reported for 108 consecutive days and 19 consecutive days in Macau. There were no imported case reports coming from abroad.

A total of 46 confirmed cases, a total of 0 deaths, a total of 45 discharges, 44 imported cases from abroad, only 2 cases were cases in Macau, and no medical personnel infected.

Cases in MacauAt present, one confirmed patient is being treated in the isolation ward of Conde de São Januário Hospital, the condition of the patient is very stable. All the cured patients have completed the isolation period during the rehabilitation period, no close contacts are under medical observation.

The total number of nucleic acid samples collected in Macau on July 13 and 14 was 12,621.

In addition, to response to questions about arranging nucleic acid testing for gambling practitioners, the Health Bureau and the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau have maintained close contact with various gambling companies and are carrying out related work in an orderly manner.

It is expected that the first batch of tests will be arranged very soon, and frontline personnel will be treated as priority. Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau will arrange the employees to test in accordance with the steps.

Finally, casinos in Macau have also implemented a new measure requiring that guests entering the casino must accept body temperature detection, present a valid health code and a negative nucleic acid test certificate. The Health Bureau and the Bureau of Supervision and Administration have made relevant guidelines, the overall operation has been running smoothly.

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