OB Game and Yabo Group join forces

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OB Game and Yabo Group join forces

 ‘OB Game’ announced a strategic agreement with Asian online gaming leader ‘Yabo Group’ with the brand launched in Asia on the 25th of November

According to this agreement, the two parties including OB Game and Yabo Group, will establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship, putting into  full play their respective industry resources, R&D and innovation advantages to obtain core advantages in diversified game development projects, and jointly promote  ‘OB Game’ brand for the Asian market.

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The slogan ‘Only The Best’ of OB Game  stands for us breaking our own boundaries, satisfying every diversified demand, carrying the ultimate spirit of the information era with revolutionary thinking, and living up to those who seek an extraordinary life. Hand in hand with our partners, we’re firmly moving forward.

“OB Group “ CEO Alexander Schulz said, ‘”OB Game” will combine traditional Asian aesthetics and culture to create an immersive gaming experience and start a journey to a better life with its partners.’

OB GAME and Yabo Group Join ForcesJong Ho Lee, head of “OB Game Asia” added , ‘Everyone in “OB Game” is very excited about Asian players  joining us. We’re looking forward to players’ feedback, so that “OB Group” can continue providing more high-quality games in the future.’

With the exchange and collision of European and Asian cultures as well as new ideas and concepts will fully transform the Asian game market. With “OB Game’ main idea “top development, immersive experience, Asian originality, intelligence and reliability’ and the combination of dual power, post-epidemic era will be something to look forward to.


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