Pachinko and Pachislots Guide

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Despite Japan’s strict gambling laws, players have found ways to play Pachinko and Pachislots

With thousands, if not millions, dedicated to the cause, Pachinko and Pachislots games were born. Relatively gloomy and known to be excessively loud, these spots are among the most popular entertainment venues in Japan. More recently, Pachinko parlours are also known to host a different type of slot which might not be as commonly known in other parts of the world – the Pachislot. Interested in knowing more about this niche Japanese game? That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

What Are Pachinko Machines?

Designed as a recreational arcade game but used primarily for gambling purposes, the pachinko and pachislots is a Japanese mechanical game that looks pretty similar to a pinball machine. In this case, players are invited to pour a number of metal balls from the top.

The setup of a pachinko game is also relatively simple. There’s a playing field where the ball will first enter from, this field is filled with several brass pins.

There are several variations from the original 1960s pachinko machines, one popular feature is known as the ‘tulip catchers’ and these include catchers that open up and close in diameter, sometimes randomly and other times in a pattern.

The aim of pachinko is to collect as many balls as possible in the catchers. Originally, this game was strictly mechanical, but just like the slot machine the advent of the Internet made everything go digital.

Just like slot machines and online slots, there are hundreds of different pachinko slot games available on the market right now, some of which are themed after popular musicians, famous characters and so on. Once again, the more traditional games tend to include basic functions that include balls falling down across a maze of pins. For complex pachislots that could include high end graphics and animation, special effects, background noise, and more.

pachinko slots

In terms of rewards, the Japanese have devised a brilliant loophole that circumvents the country’s strict gambling laws. Should you happen to get lucky on a pachinko slot, you’ll be paid out in metal balls. Since it’s illegal to gamble for cash in Japan, you won’t be able to exchange the balls for money via the pachinko parlour. Nevertheless, there is return for a cash refund.

The Origins of Pachinko in Japan

The first pachinko games were created in Japan sometime around the 1920s aka Corinth Game. In terms of gambling, Japan’s pachinko parlours were shut down during WWII and reopened once again in the late 40s. The first commercial premises opened its doors in 1948 in Nagoya. Since then, pachinko has remained one of the most popular games of all times.

Until the 1980s, pachinko machines remained purely mechanical devices that made use of bells. Electricity was only required to flash lights and indicate a number of issues such as when the machine ran out of balls for instance. After that, pachinko machines tend to evolve from an engineering standpoint, with the incorporation of a number of electronic features.

Online Pachislots Explained: Mechanism and Payment System

Deriving directly from the traditional Japanese game, pachinko and pachislots are sometimes also called pachisuro, are the latest addition to this game family. Modern games are normally found within pachinko parlours as well as the adult section of games arcades. Working similarly to the way you’d imagine a digital slot machine would, pachinko slots generally offer up to six levels of odds.

Of course, just like you’d imagine, a number of pachinko parlour operators set these machines up in their favour. However they are also known to place a couple of pachinko slots that will offer large payouts. Identifying which machines these are is of course a big part of the game. This technique also creates a sense of false hope amongst players on other machines in a unique phenomenon known as gambler’s fallacy.

Once again, these pachinko slots vary greatly in design and theme from one to the other. They include a screen where you’re able to follow your gameplay closely. Even though pachinko games might appear to be a relatively grey area when it comes to gaming. There are still a number of rules in place in order to maintain legality. These include the fact that pachinko must always have three reels. Each of which has to have buttons that allow players to stop them manually. Pachislot reels shouldn’t spin any faster than 80 rpm, and they should also be able to come to a perfect halt within 0.19 of a second. It is the equivalent of around four symbols give or take. Other pachinko slot rules include capped max wins amongst others.

What is the Difference Between Pachislots and Casino Slots?

As mentioned briefly earlier on, pachinko slots are similar to casino slots in a way, but there are still some major differences between the two. With the rise of online gambling, pachislots have only recently risen in popularity outside Asia. Several pachinko slots inspired by traditional pachinko games.

The most important difference you’re going to want to keep in mind is that pachinko are only able to have three reels. Some video slots are known to have three, five, and sometimes up to seven reels. Pachislots are known for offering very small potential wins that are accumulated over time. This makes a game of patience more than anything else. On the other hand, casino slots are known for offering a number of special symbols and features. As well as some pretty massive wins which aren’t the norm in the world of pachinko games.

Even though they might appear to be similar at first glance. Pachinko games have much less in common with casino slots than you’d imagine. Overall a pretty unique game to try.

Where to play Pachinko and Pachislots?

Pachinko games are generally found across various game parlours in Japan. The majority of them are located right next to the train station. Intended to attract customers on their way home from work. If you’re looking to try the game out without needing to hop on a plane, then there are a number of online casinos that offer a number of digital pachinko slots.

Despite being massively popular in Asia, it’s only recently that pachislots have made their way into the Western world. In Europe and the US, with several software providers and game developers delving into this game genre.

It’s also possible to come across a number of pachinko slot machines in land-based casinos. You’ll be paid out in cash rather than metal balls since you’ll be gambling in an established and legal casino.

Japan Technical Games: Creators of Best Pachislots

Japan Technical Games are the current undisputed world leaders when it comes to pachinko games and pachislots. Offering a series of games marketed as simple and fun. JTG has produced a number of titles that are simple to play and suited to players of all levels.

JTG holds a number of successful partnerships with other game developers such as Oryx Gaming and Golden Hero amongst others. Generally speaking, pachinko slots are generally considered medium or high variance games with a relatively high RTP.

Payouts are generally on the lower side and brought about by a variety of symbol and number combinations. Typically, each of these pachislots comes with its own unique special feature or bonus round. Some of which could lead to hitting a jackpot win if the gods happen to be on your side.

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