Pachinko Parlors May revenue plummeted to 77.5% year-on-year

Posted: Jul 14, 2020 13:01 Category: Asia , Land-Based , Posted by Maria Debrincat

Pachinko Parlors have now fallen on a year-on-year basis for 11 consecutive months

The Ministry of EconomyTrade and Industry disclosed Japans national obsession, Pachinko Parlors, revenue of JPY66.58 billion (US$620.6 million) from May recording 77.5% yearonyear decline as reported by Inside Asian gaming.

This was due to the closures of Pachinko halls across the country from April to May instructed by the government as a  measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus. 

The survey, that followed a variety of business trends such as revenue for specific service industries, showed results extracted from profitable operators covering approximately 70% of annual salesHence, the figures in the survey results vary from the figures of the industry in general. 

The New Pachinko? Exploring the Economics of Initial Coin ...Pachinko hall revenues hit 80.4% in March compared to numbers extracted from March last year. Pachinko revenues have now fallen on a yearonyear basis for 11 consecutive months with April revenues dropping to 38.2% compared with the prior year.

Pachinkois a pinballderivativetheobjective of the game is to fire silver ball bearings into a central scoring hole to trigger a jackpotThe gameisplayed by millions of people andis a national obsession in Japangenerating $200 billionprofit per year.   

Pachinkohas been around since 1940sNowadays, machines are much more sophisticated and addictivecompared tothe original mechanised game and  this game has been classifiedas an “amusement” rather than a gambling game. The gameoperates in a legal grey spacein spite ofJapans strict gambling lawswith the only exceptions for betting on horse racing and some auto races. 

Back in April, Pachinko Parlors resisted prefectural governors request to close and had threatened the non compliant Pachinko Parlors with the exercise of Article 45 – to make public the names of business operators refusing tocooperate with efforts in order to protect public health during the emergencyPachinko Parlors have followed authorities requests since then. 

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