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Payroll processing is a delicate and complex task. When one considers the peculiarities of tax incentives, tax status, fringe benefits and complexities in employment legislation, the effort and expertise required to run a business’ payroll have become a necessity

DFK Malta offers specialised human resources and payroll services that allow its clients to put their minds at rest and focus their energy on their core business operations and development. Its dedicated team diligently process their payroll confidentially and on time, in accordance with the highest quality standards and in full compliance with tax rules and with GDPR regulations.

Our services include

Payroll Management:

  • Customization and set up of the payroll in accordance with the business requirements
    Calculating withholding tax and other deductions for employees
    Calculation of each employee’s monthly net salary – also covering tax, social security and maternity fund contributions, leave balances, etc
    Advice on the taxability of fringe benefits and calculation of taxable fringe benefit values
    Registration and deregistration of employees with the authorities
    Assistance with the employee work permits
    Preparation of the monthly payslips
    Preparation of bank files for the processing of the salary payments
    A basic salary report and other customised monthly reports
    Preparation and submission of the CFR Payer’s Monthly Payment Advice (FS5)
    Preparation, reconciliation, and submission of the CFR Payee Statement of Earnings (FS3) and the CFR Payer’s Annual Reconciliation Statement (FS7)

HR Support

    • Consultation and administrative support on hiring, contracting and maintenance of employee files
      Support in managing staff queries related to employment

Training Support

  • Conducting training workshops on payroll processes, procedures and employment regulations.


DFK Malta currently provides payroll services for over 70 companies which operate within the online gaming, financial services, retail, marketing, consultancy services and other sectors.

For further info you can follow the link to our website: https://dfkmalta.com/


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