Peru Medical College pilling on pressure to ban casino operations across the country

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The College of Physicians has advised the government to impose a ban on all activities – including casinos and slot machine rooms

One of the largest medical colleges in Peru has advised the government to enforce a ban on gathering activities, such as cinemas and nightclubs, and the operation of casinos and slot machine rooms.

The medical institute released an official document which puts pressure on the Executive Branch to impose and upkeep the curfew whilst also prohibiting the function of entertainment activities and limiting capacities.

CMPAs early as last December, the Peruvian authorities had started a so called fourth phase of the economical revival which also included the commencement of casino operations and went as far as announcing new measures that minimised the capacity of gaming halls but not completely halt their operations.

This new measures outlined that gaming hall capacities cannot exceed 30% their original capacity and is to be enforced within the regions which are currently at a high risk. Whilst 20% of capacity is to be enforced within the very high risk regions.

Additionally, regions falling under the moderate risk category can maintain a 40% operating capacity.

However, the medical college has further voiced its discontent regarding the restriction measures imposed and has labeled them as ineffective.

This was communicated through the official letter to the government which also called for a full and complete closure of all casinos. In addition, they also called for the imposed health measures to be followed for a longer period and strengthen communication campaigns.

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