Philippines Esports Organization inaugurates futuristic headquarters

Tyrone Cutajar 1 year ago
Philippines Esports Organization inaugurates futuristic headquarters

The Philippines Esports Organization (PeSO) has inaugurated its state-of-the-art headquarters at the LaunchPad in Mandaluyong City, Manila.

The brand-new venue aims to support the growth and recognition of esports across the Southeast Asian nation, serving as a hub for innovation and collaboration.

Key Features

The facility is packed to the rafters with cutting-edge technology, including a meeting room equipped with cutting-edge gaming laptops and peripherals.

It also features a “Championship Wall” honouring Filipino esports athletes, notable for winning medals at the Southeast Asian Games.

Smart Communication has even provided stable internet connectivity, yet again proving their dedicated commitment to supporting esports across the Philippines.

PeSO’s plans

The headquarters held a sensational opening ceremony, which was attended by PeSO several PeSO executives, among them Jane J. Basas, the President and CEO of MediaGuest Holdings.

PeSO has already laid plans to develop a variety of aspects related to enhancing the fan experience, which most certainly includes meet-and-greet events at the headquarters.

Esports in the Philippines

Philippines Esports Organization inaugurates futuristic headquarters.
Mandaluyong City, Manila, The Philippines.

This opening is a simply massive step for the esports industry in the Philippines, a sector which has been gaining intrinsic significance to the Filipino economy, employment, and community engagement in recent times.

This is yet another reason for SiGMA Asia’s momentous Summit to head to the Philippines’ storied capital of Manila, from the 19th to the 22nd of July.

Esports focus at the SiGMA Asia Summit

Day 2 of the industry moulding event will see an entire conference dedicated to the esports industry as a whole and in the vibrant context of the local sector.

This will include, “Esports of Today – is it’s Just a Distraction or a New Vision of All Sports”, which will feature 3 C-level executives holding positions at some true industry giants.

A regional analysis will also be included comparing the diverse industry surrounding both sports and esports. This incisive panel will feature Jaydeep Chakravartty, now a gaming consultant and former member of the Meghalaya Gaming Commission in India.

The inescapable rise of AI will also be contextualised for the global esports industry in a panel bringing some true movers and shakers in both the esports and AI development scene.

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