Philippines: Local police chief killed by rooster’s blade during cockfight raid

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A Philippine police chief was killed in an attempt to break up an illegal cockfight after he was slashed by a razor-sharp metal blade attached to a rooster’s leg, in the village of Madugang in the Northern Samar province

Provincial Governor Edwin Ongchuan said, the San Jose Police Chief Lieutenant Christian Bolokwho was in his mid-30s – bled to death after trying to grab a rooster when the blade, also known as gaff, cut a gaping wound in his left leg and sliced his femoral artery. 

Ongchuan told The Associated Press, “He was trying to confiscate the roosters but the problem was the rooster’s blade may have been laced with poison.” 

According to the police report, a raid was conducted and three people were arrested at the scene while another three suspects managed to escape and are still at large seven roosters were seized, a pair of gaffs and 550 pesos ($11) in cash. 

Ongchuan and the local government praised Bolok’s dedication and determination to enforce protection to battle the coronavirus infections in Northern Samar.  

Ongchuan said in a statement, “We grieve with our provincial police in the loss of such a committed and selfless officer whose enforcement of our community quarantine regulations has cost him his life.” Officials revealed that Ongchuan provided financial help to Bolok’s family. 

Cockfighting is a popular pastime and gambling sport in the Philippines, where fighting cocks literally peck and jab each other to death as onlookers make bets on the outcome.  

Some cockfights are licensed and legal, but many others are illegal.  Due to its popularity, legislators in the Philippines are proposing the introduction of new taxes  for online cockfighting events, or sabong as its locally known. 

However, it has been banned in the region during the pandemic, along with other sporting and cultural events, after it was found to have been a source of Covid-19 infections.  

Illegal cockfights in the country – known as ‘Tupada often operate in underground locations to avoid detection by authorities. 

According to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the Philippines has recorded more than 375,000 infections, the second-highest in Southeast Asia, and at least 7,114 deaths. 

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