Plans of first Papuan casino cause protest

Posted: Jun 05, 2021 10:00 Category: Asia , Land-Based ,

At the earliest planning stages, the possibility of a casino construction in Papua New Guinea has seen major protest

The recent multi-million dollar deal to create Papua New Guinea’s first casino in the capital Port Moresby has found harsh critics among local mental health advocates and churches. The plan, currently not more than a memorandum of understanding, is part of the much larger and therefore highly controversial Paga Hill Development in Port Moresby, which seeks to create a tourism hub in city.

Dr Uma Ambi, one of the country’s leading mental health experts, expressed multiple concerns:

Uma AmbiWe must remember the compulsive and pathological gambling have highly associated health issues. That is, work is affected due to the person sleeping less because some gambling activities take place in the late night,

Number two, the gamblers cannot think anything other than gambling. So consequently, they become very irritable for concentration, and have induced depression and other mental health issues. Major and minor mental health issues.

Leading project planners however, as was reported by ABC News, have emphasised that the facility will not target locals, but strictly tourists from foreign countries. They explained that the new jobs and the revenue created will greatly benefit the people of Papua New Guinea.


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