Platform provision: Top 5 factors to consider

Posted: Oct 04, 2021 17:06
Category: Casino, Online, Sponsored,
Posted: Oct 04, 2021 17:06 Category: Casino, Online, Sponsored,

With an abundance of platform offerings available in the iGaming industry, choosing the right option is vital. A robust and reliable platform can make all the difference in powering a successful online business

paul myatt
Paul Myatt, CBDO at Aspire Global.

Paul Myatt, CBDO at Aspire Global identifies and breaks down the five key components of a platform offering that are of upmost importance for operators which are switching provider or launching their first online operation.

Sophisticated CRM

The key to propelling an operator to the highest level is the provision of outstanding CRM features. When presented with a full toolbox, operators can really differentiate from the competition and generate a more sticky, entertaining experience for a particular player within the brand, naturally creating additional revenue in the process. In practice, what this entails is the use of CRM tools to increase lifetime value, with open API architecture to provide flexibility for any front end desired by an operator and automated player funnels to improve scalability. AspireCore’s sophisticated CRM system AspireEngage utilises customer data analytics with omni-channel execution of campaigns, resulting in top-level marketing performance. Crucially, this incorporates dynamic customer segmentation into thousands of player groups based on behaviour, allowing operators to target them with the right offer or bonus and content that is specifically relevant. Retention opportunities can be boosted through the generation of actionable intelligence and AI-powered analysis offers a deep understanding into how players interact with a brand. Additionally, a system that has simple tools to allow brands to create personalised engagement with millions of players and offer campaigns based on real-time events presents significant commercial advantage. With real-time optimisation, brands can maximise the impact of campaigns with automated in-flight analysis and also add value through omni-channel engagement.

Advanced and smart PAM

A Player Account Management (PAM) system is the keystone that every operator looking to grow an online business relies upon. It provides every tool and service necessary for a digital gaming site to run seamlessly. While it is entirely possible to run a site without a specific sports betting product, or a certain content provider, the same business cannot operate without a PAM. Moreover, in order to become a major operator that can provide differentiation while entering multiple new markets, an advanced and smart PAM becomes a necessity. AspireCore (Aspire Global’s PAM) can be seen as a particularly robust example because of the way it has been built. Due to it being multi-tenant, multi-brand, multi-vertical and multi-regulation, AspireCore can provide operators with a “state in a box” method for rolling out to new states in the US, with only minor adjustment necessary. This means operators no longer need to repeatedly build infrastructure for individual states, providing significant cost savings in time and resources.

Quality and engaging content

Player acquisition is not a cheap business. It is vital, then, that operators can maximise the revenues gained from every sign-up. That may sound simple in theory, but how can it be achieved? Put simply, the player must be presented with every vertical that they could possibly wish to enjoy. Our research has shown that when players are presented with a variety of high-quality gaming verticals – including up-and-coming examples, such as the widest range of round-the-clock esports markets – the chances of that player remaining loyal to the brand, rather than heading elsewhere, increases significantly. In truth, operators no longer face a choice. With competition so intense for players, a multi-vertical platform solution is the only option. Aspire Global’s PAM offers players both sports and casino content through sports betting and casino games and aggregation platforms that we own, providing an assurance to the operator that everything they need to entertain a player is taken care of.

Robust compliance

There are examples in our industry of particularly onerous certification processes that can take months to get through. At every step from registration to proscribed bet limits, particular requirements of a given market must be built into the platform before a test lab gives it the green light. This is particularly relevant in the US, where each state has its own sets of rules. While a basic PAM will take care of some of the legwork involved in adjusting to the strictures of each state, a strong PAM can be rolled out at speed. AspireCore offers a “state in a box” method where there are only minor adjustments required for roll-out across multiple states. With all the hard work taken away, operators can get back to focusing on what they do best: building their brand.

Supporting managed services

For land-based operators, migrating to the digital world can be difficult and time-consuming, for many of the reasons listed above and more. The benefit we have at Aspire Global is that we truly understand the pain points, having started out as a B2C operator 15 years ago. That leads into a clear understanding of how we can make life easier and this is where our managed services option come into its own. Our modular approach comprises a wide range of managed services that can be called upon by an operator according to their particular needs. That means operators can build their own solution incorporating elements from fraud management, AML and responsible gambling through to CRM and VIP management. We understand from experience that no two operators are the same and by leveraging our technology, we can offer a dynamic, relevant and effective solution.


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