Pragmatic Play: Refining a classic

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Mega Roulette is designed to appeal to both fans of Live Casino games looking for something a bit different and players of slot games looking to expand their horizons

Roulette is a game that has excited players for hundreds of years. In its purest form, it offers the thrill of big wins as excitement builds, willing the ball to drop on the desired number, with the ecstasy reflected in a simple red or black format. Its thrilling nature has attracted millions of fans globally and, in any casino across the world, players will instantly recognise the quiet roll of the roulette ball as it prepares to land in a chosen pocket.

When it comes to taking a land-based product, especially a classic such as roulette, and trying to adapt it to the rigours demands of online gaming, there can be a temptation to tweak the product too much, focusing on what players seem to like in mobile play rather than preserving the game as it is meant to be.

Live casino games have ample opportunity to add innovative aspects to gameplay, but when taking a product as recognisable as roulette, it is vital to ensure that this recognition is unchanged. Players don’t want to play a difficult-to-understand nod to roulette, they want to play roulette with exciting features, which they can enjoy without needing to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino.

When taking a classic game and adapting it, getting carried away and morphing the product into an amalgamation of verticals can be easy. Instead, the focus needs to be on elevating an existing title with innovative features and artfully inserted mechanics. This polishing ensures the product is still recognisable and attractive to fans of the land-based original, while also retaining that allure for something new and intriguing, both for hardened live casino players and those looking to dip their toes into the vertical.

On the 24th of February, Pragmatic Play will launch a product that ticks all these boxes. The supplier’s second game show title, Mega Roulette, stays true to the roots of its traditional form, with the single-zero game being accentuated by action-packed features, rather than becoming overcrowded with details. The Mega Multipliers, which can be added to up to five numbers throughout each spin, can enhance a player’s win by a significant amount, with multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x.

These multipliers are available on straight up bets, but a stylish and clear user interface allows players to easily place these bets and guides them through the product without detracting from the thrilling action on the table.

Like all Pragmatic Play Live Casino games, it will be broadcast from a dedicated, purpose-built studio with immersive sound and video qualities, including 4k cameras, to ensure it offers the most engaging experience on the market.

Adding cross-sell elements to Mega Roulette through the random multipliers puts it in a unique position within the market. With slot-style random multipliers turning a regular sized win into one of potential enormous proportions, the engagement factor is heightened further.

By taking the slots’ ‘any spin can lead to a huge win’ feeling, Mega Roulette is designed to appeal to both fans of Live Casino games looking for something a bit different and players of slot games looking to expand their horizons. More details about this game will be revealed in less than a week on all official channels of Pragmatic Play.

Pushing the boundaries of Live Casino products doesn’t always have to involve coming up with crazy ideas and completely new products, that require public education before they gain traction. By taking a hugely popular game that has withstood the test of time and adding tweaks and features that don’t detract from the core gameplay, new titles can instantly piggyback off the existing popularity while offering players more opportunities than ever to enjoy what they love.


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