President of Uruguay announces new 5-star hotel casino construction project in Rocha

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President Luis Lacalle Pou has just announced that a new 5-star hotel casino project in the coast of Rocha is on its way

Germán Cardoso (seen below), minister of Tourism, announced that the call for participation and call for interested investors for the project will be open for a period of 60 days. Cardoso mentioned that the  construction ‘Is a work that has been awaited for many years in the coast of Rocha’.

Germán Cardoso, minister of Tourism

The Secretary of State stated ‘Rocha is a jewel that the country has in terms of biodiversity, nature and resources. We have put all our efforts and zeal into giving it this necessary boost for development, but with sufficient and balanced care for the environment and natural resources’.

Cardoso explained further that a team formed in the Ministry of Tourism, and composed by the Undersecretary, Remo Monzeglio and the General Director, Ignacio Curbelo, in addition to technicians have been working during the last months to ‘give the definitive impulse and development to one of the most beautiful places that the coast of Uruguay has’.

Cardoso further affirmed that this project is a current priority, expected to attract a high number of bidders, and when the pandemic starts dissipating, Uruguay “will be called to receive a strong impulse and development from the point of view of tourism and investments linked to the sector (..) In April we announced that we were going to form a work team, at the level of the Ministry of Tourism, to put to work professionals in the making and elaboration of a specification for the call of interest to international expression, to make concrete a work so longed for in the department of Rocha, as it is that dream of so many years with the execution of a five star hotel  with a casino, which will give the definitive impulse and development to one of the most magnificent and wonderful places that the coast of Uruguay has’.

Flavia Coelho, the mayor or Rocha, showed her support for this initiative as well, as it will mean progress for the region, its tourism and economy. She stated that for the community of Rocha, it’s essential that a balance between tourism that generates income and at the same time is friendly with the coast environment is met.

In response, Cardoso said in the press briefing ‘Today we have brought a draft of the specifications for this call, to leave it with the Mayor of the Department, so that she can study it together with the local forces, and that she can send us, before next Wednesday, the suggestions that she considers pertinent, because for us it is very important to listen to the community.’

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