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The importance of solid translations in the iGaming industry

You don’t need us to talk you through the unstoppable rise of the iGaming industry. The sector is going from strength to strength, worth just shy of USD$60bn last year, and set to soar to a whopping USD$93bn by 2023.

4The international iGaming market is ripe for the taking – but to make impact, you’ll need to reach global audiences with multilingual iGaming experiences that feel natural. And that’s exactly where high-quality game localization and translation comes in…

With the boom in on-demand culture and the dissolving of international borders, players expect to get their thrills and kicks where they want, when they want – in the language they want, too. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is three-fold:

  • Creating interfaces that flow in your target market’s native language
  • Tailoring iGaming content for global audiences
  • Adapting your online poker platforms, virtual casinos, and slot games to country-specific cultural aspects

Translations need to feel slick and seamless, and should only ever be produced by qualified mother-tongue professionals.

Localization in the iGaming industry

Once you’ve nailed your translations, it’s time to think big picture. Localization takes your reputation and credibility up a notch, tailoring your content to perfectly align with your audience’s cultural and regional quirks.

Localization attends to the nuances that give your players confidence in your product and a sense of familiarity that keeps them coming back for more. In short, it gives you the crucial competitive edge you need to hit the jackpot.

Need more convincing? Check out our article on what localization is as your starting point.

EHLION: a leading name in iGaming translation

Translating games and localization in the gaming industry are par for the course, and now the process is sweeping the iGaming sector, too.

With years of experience as a leading specialist in the field, at EHLION we draw on our qualified team of native speakers and language experts to bring you content that matches the quality of your virtual gambling and iGaming platforms, websites, apps, and software.

Our professional services mean:

  • ISO 17100-certified quality and QA
  • International coverage and mother-tongue experts
  • A personalized approach to every project
  • Skilled project management, building and using translation memories and glossaries for your in-house terminology
  • Your own dedicated project manager
  • Market insights into targeted opportunities – such as breaking into iGaming in Malta.

Interested in levelling up? If you’re ready to take your experiences global and put the odds on your side, contact our iGaming team and let EHLION work its magic.


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