QTech Games launches industry-first Network Progressive Jackpot feature

Content Team 3 years ago
QTech Games launches industry-first Network Progressive Jackpot feature

Leading distributor cements its status across emerging markets with new cross-supplier rewards feature, showcasing latest acquisition and retention toolbox

QTech Games, the leading games distributor for Asia and all emerging markets, has rolled out Network Progressive Jackpot, an industry-first rewards feature now on offer across allocated products from a host of renowned slot developers.

The new feature is currently available with dedicated jackpot games from Blueprint Gaming, as QTech Games continues to attract participating brands from both new and existing eligible clients, always with the combined goal of optimizing premium content for localised distribution.

Network Progressive Jackpot already harnesses 28 dedicated jackpot games from Blueprint Gaming for ground-breaking service, including Grand (Jackpot King), Major (Regal) and Mini (Royal) progressive pots, which run off Blueprint’s signature Jackpot King Deluxe system.

The inherent ability of jackpots to drive acquisition and retention is firmly proven across worldwide markets. However, this breakthrough innovation now allies QTech’s pioneering platform and machine-learning software to a supplier-by-supplier suite of progressive products which deliver credible winning triggers. All of which assists in building authenticity, trust and digital dwell-time with the end user.

These progressive jackpots are amassed by players’ contributions, whereby a small percentage of every qualifying bet contributes towards the mounting prize pool. Furthermore, Network Progressive Jackpots are shared among several eligible casinos to ensure the jaw-dropping payouts that appeal to myriad players.

This game-changing, networked move from QTech Games also opens up added possibilities for both established and up-and-coming operators who can benefit from this pooled structure to pull up a chair at the progressive-jackpot table without the need for bottomless liquidity.

Intuitive back-office functionality and reporting also allows partners to accurately unpack all jackpot details pertaining to contributions and payout values, while QTech’s unique API lets managers effortlessly retrieve any jackpot ID, game or prize-pool info, alongside real-time balances in any given currency.

Ulf Norder - QTech GamesUlf Norder, CCO at QTech Games, said: We’re delighted to confirm that our new Network Progressive Jackpot feature is really turning players’ heads and keeping them coming back for repeat visits on a highly-playable portfolio of dedicated titles from a range of popular suppliers. Operators large and small understand that progressive jackpots are one of the most effective marketing tools around, and now QTech’s unique “progressives” are taking the notional risk and administration out of jackpot provision.

 “QTech Games is already the leader in Asia, while other key growth territories are following suit as well. Our propriety technology means we’re the only aggregator which is not just showcasing fantastic games but also adding engaging features (such as our AI-powered recommendation engine, alongside other Tournament and Jackpot elements) to confirm QTech’s breakthrough position in the marketplace. Network Progressive Jackpots represent just part of an innovative rewards tide that is helping to lift all boats.

 “Aside from being the premier platform for emerging markets, QTech Games is now so much more than just a leading platform, adding value and driving business at every consequential juncture. So, we’re delighted to open up some of the fastest-growing and scalable jackpot games on the market to players across multiple developing regions.

 “QTech’s ever-expanding reach, from Asia and Eastern Europe to LatAm, is taking engaging games to players in increasingly diverse markets, whilst this pooled cumulative-jackpot system will reliably boost acquisition and activity numbers for a wide variety of operators.”

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