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With the online gaming industry rising, there’s one question iGaming companies have on their mind: How to successfully attract potential players to grow the business and to position as a leader in this highly competitive industry?

Audience Serv offers the perfect solution to stay ahead of the game. With smart, data-driven email marketing solutions, the international customer acquisition specialist helps to increase the customer base of its clients. 12 years of experience, a team of more than 90 Audience Experts, an exclusive gaming database of more than 25 Mio qualified users in 15 markets and state-of-the-art-technologies, make Audience Serv an established Direct Marketing expert. 

Data-driven email marketing and how it helps to boost player acquisition

Ines Valverde, International Sales Manager at Audience Serv, is an audience expert in the gaming industry. She explains how email marketing can help iGaming companies to drive traffic and growth:

‘I’ve been working for Audience Serv as an International Sales Manager for almost a year now. Right after I started in my position, I decided to specialise in the gaming industry.Ines Audience Serv

I quickly realised how competitive the market is and that it can be challenging to reach potential players. To speak the same language as my partners, I’ve studied the market and analysed numbers and performances. Now, I’m helping them to drive traffic, REGs, FTDs, and growth.

By using proprietary and programmatic techniques, we are able to target a very specific audience for our clients. That’s why direct email marketing is the perfect solution for marketers who are looking to acquire new customers in this industry.

We are able to send personalized advertising messages directly into the mailbox of our users. This way our partners can reach out to our users and convert them to new clients of their own database. Thanks to our team, our expertise in this industry, and our large-scale database, we are able to reach all our partner’s expectations and up to 300% ROI.’

Audience Serv offers different solutions for different needs and budgets. Next to data-driven email marketing, Audience Serv offers a unique, proprietary technology – called LiveSend. LiveSend uses programmatic advertising techniques and an in-depth analysis of more than 100 user characteristics. Using this approach allows the identification of user intention, such as gaming affinity, and consequently the send-out of highly personalized emails.

Besides, LiveSend offers real-time delivery of email campaigns to reach users when they are actually online. Combining insights from the user’s inbox behaviour and relevant content is boosting the conversion of email campaigns. Besides a qualified database and unique technologies, Audience Serv provides professional template creation as part of its service.

‘To reach and convert iGaming consumers, visually appealing, personalized newsletter templates are crucial. Experts know exactly which elements are important to address the needs of players. By running A/B Tests, we know exactly which layouts, subject line, and CTA is working for which client. ‘We are constantly refining our campaigns and templates to ensure the best outcome possible,” continues Valverde.

With “LiveSend Plus” the targeting expert provides tailormade HTML templates as part of the email campaign. The creatives are in line with the brand design of the company and handed over for free use. This way clients can leverage this service for other campaigns and publishers as well.

Success Story: One Casino partners with Audience Serv to drive exceptional growth 

Audience Serv is working with more and more clients in the iGaming industry. One of them is Finch AM who is responsible for the great success behind One Casino Ltd. Finch AM is the exclusive marketing partner of One Casino Ltd. and is partnering with Audience Serv since 2019. Finch AM’s goal is to improve the growth strategy of One Casino Ltd., increase visibility, gain market share and generate more revenue.

To achieve those goals, Audience Serv runs direct marketing campaigns to promote their offers and generate pre-qualified leads.

In an interview, Stefan Rundberg, Finch Am gives further insights into the partnership with Audience Serv:

What were you looking for in a publisher? 

audience servWe’ve experienced that email marketing is the most effective way to win new customers. But it’s not only the channel, that makes a campaign a success but also your business partner. When working with publishers, it’s important for us to have transparent and clear communication, to work with people that are reliable, and to count on expertise and know-how. Since we are working with personal data, we also attach great importance to data privacy. Therefore, we are looking for a publisher, who can guarantee strict compliance with European regulations, such as GDPR. This is a crucial component for us when it comes to a trustworthy partnership.

Why did you choose Audience Serv? 

We were looking for a publisher who can help us to scale our customer base. Besides we were looking for a solution that delivers qualitative leads at fair costs. When getting in touch with Audience Serv, they introduced us to their programmatic advertising techniques and proprietary algorithm and this unique approach stands out from classic Email Marketing solutions we’ve known so far. Their data-driven approach definitely showed off with the actual results. Our campaigns have shown opening rates up to 33%, we got 5% clicks to REGs rate, 3% clicks to FTDs rate and REG to FTDs rate of more than 50%. We are very happy with the results and we will continue our collaboration with Audience Serv.

What do you think is the reason for the success of your partnership? 

The reason for this successful partnership is the effort, the attention, and the know-how of Audience Serv. So far we always experienced very open communication, great advice, and helpful hints to optimize our campaigns. Over the last month, we could improve our email strategy, optimize templates, and consequently the performance of our campaigns.Thanks to the experience of the Audience Serv Experts we tested different options along the conversion process resulting in increased sign-ups and user engagement. So again, know-how, good service, and reliability are fundamental for a successful partnership.

About Audience Serv

Audience Serv is an International customer acquisition specialist with offices in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hanoi. Founded in 2008, the company has an experienced and enthusiastic team of more than 90 Audience Experts globally, who are working on developing the perfect method for target group segmentation.

Using techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, Audience Serv runs highly targeted online campaigns across multiple marketing channels. The company made it their mission to consistently exceed client expectations in terms of both service levels and campaign outcomes.

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