Rollbit discusses successful SOFTSWISS partnership

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Laura Schembri sat down with Rollbit’s content manager Grey Fox to discuss the success of the crypto casino’s partnership with SOFTSWISS and what it means for the platform’s future.

What made you decide to partner with SOFTSWISS?

We partnered with SOFTSWISS as we considered them an industry leader when it came to game aggregators and our aim is to become the best cryptocurrency casino, so the partnership enables us to realise this goal. Many of our competitors were already utilising SOFTSWISS’ platform before we expressed interest, so that was another major factor in our decision. Also, being cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves, we noticed that SOFTSWISS was the first online gambling software company to embrace digital currencies like Bitcoin.

How has this partnership benefited your company?

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has benefitted Rollbit massively. From day one of us implementing SOFTSWISS’ game library, we saw immense growth for our casino offering. This growth continues to this day as more games and providers are added, enabling us to attract and retain more users. As a result of this partnership, we’ve been able to swiftly respond to requests for games from our players and add them to our platform with a short turnaround time – which makes our users happy.

Rollbit LogoWhat are you looking forward to gaining through this partnership?

We’re satisfied with SOFTSWISS role within our business and look forward to them expanding their offerings and adding to their existing game library. The knowledge and experience that SOFTSWISS possesses are exquisite, giving us great confidence when it comes to continuing to use their platform. We’re also looking forward to seeing more games and innovation that can enhance our platform even more from the SOFTSWISS team.

What does the future have in store for this partnership?

Rollbit has lots of exciting features planned as we look to open up new possibilities for players in the online gambling market. SOFTSWISS assistance in making these new features a reality will be integral and they have already shown a great deal of resourcefulness when it comes to assisting us to grow our offerings.

What are the advantages of working with an aggregator?

Probably the largest advantage to utilising the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator over direct integration is that everything comes packaged for you. There’s just a single API you need to integrate with and you’re good to go. Another huge advantage is the extensive support network we have around us. When one of our players has an issue, SOFTSWISS support knows exactly what’s required and this results in countless successful resolutions (and happy customers!).

About Rollbit

Rollbit is an online casino platform specializing in cryptocurrencies. Founded in February 2020, Rollbit is committed to curating fun experiences for its users offering unique features such as Challenges, where players can earn an additional reward for hitting certain multipliers, and Bonus Battles, a player versus player game mode for slot games with Bonus Buys. The platform also offers instant BTC, ETH & LTC deposits/withdrawals and a plethora of exciting features for its loyal customer base.

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