Alea: Selecting the right team for a healthy work environment

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Alea: Selecting the right team for a healthy work environment

 In a recent one-on-one interview, Alexandre Tomic, a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Alea with over two decades of experience in the gaming industry, shared his insights on the importance of establishing a healthy work environment and the crucial role of selection in organisational well-being. Alexandre Tomic explained that it is necessary to eliminate toxic individuals from both personal and professional spheres. He highlighted the challenge of identifying such individuals, particularly psychopaths disguised in affable exteriors, and the dire repercussions of allowing them into a company.

He believes that solving one problem can often lead to the resolution of many others, and that one problem is often one person. “You need to get rid of the toxic people in your life because they’re going to ruin everything,” he said. This rule, he noted, applies equally to personal relationships and professional environments.

Identifying toxic individuals, especially among employees, can be tricky. Alexandre Tomic pointed out that toxic individuals often present a pleasant façade to some while showing their true, harmful nature to others. This duality can create a toxic environment, whether at home or in the office. Tomic advocates for hiring kind people, a principle he and his team have prioritised from day one. However, he acknowledges the difficulty of this task due to the presence of psychopaths who often disguise themselves as kind individuals. “They’re wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing,” he said.

Psychopaths, according to Tomic, can cause significant damage within a company. By the time their true nature is revealed, it’s often too late, and they’ve already caused considerable harm. “You really need to be very careful. The most important thing is to protect [your team] from the psychopaths,” he warned. He sees this happening in many companies and believes it’s a significant issue.

He views a company as a tribe, a group of people interacting together on a daily basis for years. While some may argue that this perspective can lead to politics over merit, Tomic believes it’s possible to have a merit-based tribe.

Tomic’s narrative pivots on safeguarding the team from potential psychological harm caused by toxic individuals. He urges a careful screening process to protect the company’s culture and cohesion and advocates for rigorous psychological assessments during the hiring process. This, he believes, can avert potential catastrophes that often emerge when toxic yet seemingly qualified individuals infiltrate a company, jeopardizing its very essence and longevity.

To sum up, Alexandre Tomic’s insights highlight the importance of not just looking at qualifications and track records but also considering the psychological aspects of potential employees. Ignoring the toxicity of individuals, no matter how qualified they seem, can lead to severe consequences for the company and its employees.

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