SiGMA announces July iGathering dinner in Marbella

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SiGMA announces July iGathering dinner in Marbella

The networking event will be the first event for Spain’s gaming crowd following the lifting of Covid restrictions

SiGMA Group will hold an iGathering dinner in Marbella, Spain, on the 8th of July, 2021. The networking event for top-tier execs will take place at D.O. Mar, a new, ocean-themed restaurant boasting enviable views of the Mediterranean sea.

The sit down dinner will be SiGMA’s first event in the region, catering predominantly to the large gaming community based in Costa del Sol and Gibraltar. It will also lead the charge for Spain’s gaming industry, making its mark on the sector’s event calendar as the first gathering to take place following a series of temporary restrictions imposed on the public, including night-time curfews and regional lockdowns

The clampdown on public gatherings and on the leisure industry were put in place in the wake of the Coronavirus health crisis, following a state of emergency declared on the 13th of March, 2020. Restrictions are scheduled to lift as the month of May ends with the lowest number of casualties since August 2020.

Progress is largely down to the speed of Gibraltar’s vaccination campaign, with the island  boasting one of the fastest vaccine rollouts in Europe. Spain is also on its way to pre-pandemic normality, with positive reports showing declining rates of Covid cases.

D.O Mar Restaurant, Marbella

The D.O Mar is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant which prides itself on using high quality ingredients. Spain’s premier resort has inspired the menu, with seafood and meat delicacies on offer. The restaurant offers a relaxed, informal space, bringing Spain’s Mediterranean vibe to its guests.

The networking event is the first of many more to come for the region, as gambling markets continue to flourish, bringing year-on-year revenue growth to local economies.

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