SiGMA Foundation project to empower women and girls in Ethiopia

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SiGMA Foundation project to empower women and girls in Ethiopia

Vicar General of Ethopia Samuel Yohannes and CPO of SiGMA Foundation Keith Marshall addressed the SiGMA workforce this morning at the head office in Msida Malta.

Marshall shared an update on the fundraising efforts of the SiGMA Foundation. He spoke about the various recent fundraising expeditions organised by SiGMA Foundation.

We cannot change the world but if everyone makes a contribution, it can certainly make a difference. Twenty-one years ago I met a priest who had been shot twice in Brazil while he was doing charitable work. He shared his story with me and it changed my life. I joined him a few months later in Ethopia and I felt that we could bring about change. I can say that my life is perfect for me as it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am making a difference to improve the lives of others.” Keith Marshall, CPO SiGMA Foundation

Marshall added that the SiGMA foundation has raised a lot of money and built a number of schools in Africa. He has been working with Father Samuel Yohannes since 2017.

Educating children in Jimma Bonga

Earlier this year, the SiGMA Foundation inaugurated a three-in-one school in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia. This project has secured food and education for a thousand Ethiopian children. The school comprises a kindergarten, primary and junior secondary school. The three-year-long project was supported by €300,000 donated in funds raised by previous Camino expeditions organised by the SiGMA Foundation.

Ethiopia is a place of trials and tribulations

People from different walks of life come and work with us at the SiGMA Foundation. We bring them together and work harmoniously as one system for the common good of those who are not fortunate enough to have the same opportunities as others. He explained how it is important to share the word and raise awareness about the work that the SiGMA foundation is doing.

Empowering women and girls

Father Sam Yohannes addressed the group and thanked the SiGMA Foundation for its hard work and contribution to a region that is so deprived. “Children are really vulnerable,” he said, “I have been working with the SiGMA Foundation since 2017 and I am now working on a project to create job opportunities for women and girls in Ethopia. This will surely contribute to enhancing their lives.”

SiGMA Foundation aims to facilitate women’s empowerment to enable them to acquire the skills necessary to attain sustainable employment and financial autonomy with a view to ultimately break the cycle of poverty in the region. The initiative is expected to impact 500 women between the ages of 20 to 45 years annually, serving as primary beneficiaries. The project will also indirectly benefit over 2,500 communities in the Bonga area each year. In total, 75 percent of the project beneficiaries will be women, and 25 percent will be men. The Women Empowerment Project requires a projected total investment of €710,322.

In order to reach this target, the Foundation is planning a range of fundraising events and will collaborate with partners who share its vision.

The SiGMA Foundation collaborates with the Catholic Vicariate of Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia – the Women Empowerment Project. This initiative is dedicated to catalysing positive transformation in the lives of women living in poverty in the region. The project’s main objective is to establish a modern skill development centre that will provide training in a variety of areas, including information technology, cookery, hairdressing, tailoring, and embroidery.

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