SiGMA Group reflects on 2022 success, prepared for a busier 2023

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2022 has been an impressive year for us at SiGMA Group, leaving us with numerous lessons to reflect on, and several notable achievements to showcase.

Malta Week cements world-leading reputation, sustaining over 950 jobs for 1 year

Our flagship highlight was Malta Week, the largest conference we have ever hosted, which drew in 25,000 attendees. This event solidified our position as leaders and innovators in the event industry.

An impact assessment report from E-Cubed Consultants has shown that SiGMA Group’s summit in Malta has a positive economic impact on the island. The event, which takes place in November, contributes to the sustainable growth and development of the Maltese economy through job creation, leisure and retail activity, and tourist attraction. During the event, international visitors occupy over 60% of 4 and 5 star hotels on the island, providing a significant boost to the hospitality sector, which typically sees an average occupancy of 40% during this time of year.

Furthermore, according to the report, the economic activity generated by SiGMA Group’s November event is enough to sustain the equivalent of 950 jobs for one year. These jobs span a diverse range of sectors, including gaming, retail, manufacturing, and leisure. These sectors currently employ 38,000 people in Malta, representing approximately 33% of total employment in the country.

These patterns of success have a history. Three years ago, SiGMA Malta 2019 event generated approximately €6 million in value added, equivalent to 0.05% of the total value added to the Maltese economy. Since its inception in 2014, SiGMA has experienced steady and consistent growth. The company has gone from hosting a single event with 1,500 attendees to hosting four events in 2022, attracting a total of over 50,000 people.

Other noteworthy mentions

Another standout achievement for us was the SiGMA Americas expo in Toronto, Canada, the biggest launch event in our company’s history. This event was a huge success and opened up exciting opportunities for future expos in the Americas.

Throughout the year, we hosted a number of successful events, iGatherings, and networking dinners, and made a strong presence on social media. We welcomed 41,200 attendees at our events worldwide and generated 27,600 social media posts with 247,500 post interactions. Our YouTube channel received 816,500 views and our video content was watched for a total of 16,900 hours.

We held events in 9 countries and worked with 600 media partners to promote them, thanks to the support of 154 sponsors. We were also able to host 565 panel discussions and provide a platform for 16 startup pitch winners, as part of our mission to support the next generation of industry leaders and innovators.

Fundraising, active charity and the SiGMA Foundation

In 2022, SiGMA philanthropy reached record-breaking numbers in funds raised for charity, directed by the SiGMA Foundation.

The SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of SiGMA Group and is dedicated to supporting those in need. In 2022, the Foundation has had a very successful year, raising a significant amount of funds for charity. The SiGMA Foundation was founded by Keith Marshall and SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis, and serves as the primary way for SiGMA Group to give back to the community.

Locally, the Foundation has spearheaded charitable efforts to mitigate the drastic impact of the pandemic, donating €2,000 to 15 local charities and 50 computers to underprivileged families for online learning. Other projects included fundraising to construct an annex, dormitories for volunteers and an education centre for aspiring veterinarians at the Dreams of Horses Farm in Gozo.

In recent years, the SiGMA Foundation has organized the Brown’s Camino de Santiago challenge, a hiking program through rural northern Spain that brings people together for a memorable journey. In May and September, two groups of 27 and 28 people set off on the trek, covering 120km and ending at the Santiago de Compostela cathedral. Brown’s has generously donated €70,000 to support this project.

The reach of SiGMA’s philanthropy extends beyond Malta’s shores. The funds raised across the board by the Camino expeditions have been crucial to the funding and construction of schools in Ethiopia. Furthermore, in partnership with Costa Coffee Malta, the Foundation supplied two Ethiopian schools with water conservation equipment, including a 5m3 water reservoir that will benefit over 1400 pupils and instructors at one school and two water tanks, five water stations, one fresh spring, seven kilometres of pipeline, and training for seven WASHCo members at another school, benefiting a total of 7,538 people.

All aboard for 2023 with SiGMA Group

We at SiGMA Group are grateful to our hardworking team of event planners, coordinators, and production staff, as well as our valued clients and partners for entrusting us with the planning and execution of their events. As we look ahead to the 6 conferences we have planned for 6 different markets in 2023, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries and delivering exceptional events to our clients.

Next up, SiGMA Africa’s debut in Nairobi, Kenya this January 16th! Delegates eyeing this emerging market are urged to buy their tickets ahead of the event to avoid disappointment.

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