SiGMA kickstarts Startups’ growth journey through Europe Pitch

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This year SiGMA Europe Pitch will bring together more than 30 leading startup investors, giving early-stage companies a rare opportunity to pitch their ideas live on stage

SiGMA aims to support burgeoning startups and help emerging companies by introducing them to investors and mentors. This year, SiGMA Europe will bring together more than 30 leading startup investors, giving early-stage companies a rare opportunity to pitch their ideas live on the SiGMA Stage during the Competition, which will take place on the 15th of November at 3pm.

These are the hand-selected finalists who will present their projects and products on stage, leaving one deserving startup project as the winner who will receive a prize package that includes free office space, PR services, digital marketing services, and critical training options to increase their chances of success.

Get to know the Europe Pitch startups competing to take the trophy home


Huch is more than a solution to be implemented by the merchant, this is a user-centric solution. This startup believes that to succeed an APM must be adopted by the users. For this purpose, they try to engage with the user through a payment app adding value and added features for the user (cashback, BNPL, and more). The idea is that if we want to allow the merchant to save on acquisition costs when he integrates an APM, we must put the user in a position where he wants to use the APM instead of the classic solution.


DAROLAND is a Virtual Reality platform for online casino access via web browsers in Virtual Reality headsets, and mobile phone browsers (AR). With VR/AR technologies, players achieve maximum immersion and involvement in gambling processes. The casino has a wide range of entertainment available to users, such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and poker, as well as additional types of entertainment with live bartenders and attendants. The uniqueness of DAROLAND is that the casino built on webVR technologies and users can play casino games through their web browser in VR headsets.

HouseMaster Ltd

Unlike many crypto projects, which are driven by the technology approach, HouseMaster is focused on its core business: iGaming, which as a profitable concept can be improved with blockchain technology and is directed by iGaming professionals along with finance, blockchain, and technology specialists. HouseMaster allows players to enjoy high yields on their gaming capital and earn dividends from the casino profits. Staking the native token provides concrete in-game incentives to players, in addition, to yield and value games via buy-back and burn enabled by profit generated by iGaming ops. With these concrete benefits, the MASTER token is an interesting investment to traditional FIAT players as well, who are not familiar with blockchain technology and drive crypto adoption. The solution is a Player Lifetime Valuation Booster for iGaming operators that reduces transaction costs by incentivizing FIAT-users to adopt crypto en masse.” 


IGRATECH has developed a B2B integrated solution for the gamification of the sports betting industry. the product is Animated and gamified live sporting events for sports betting platforms and sites. Their solution is primarily based on animation, something the younger generation is used to through games and gaming. The look and feel will be similar to successful applications popular with the users such as WhatsApp, Tinder, and Instagram, where the app doesn’t ‘wait’ for the user to initiate an action, but informs him directly and immediately of an interesting event or action that he should take notice of. 


Surferpenguin speciliases in digital marketing and tech and has an extensive experience in the iGaming and affiliation space. This startup understands the business of leading generation, with big talent on marketing online, web development, SEO and affiliation. This young team has been working with some of the best betting and affiliate companies in the world, such as Betsson Group, Catena Media, and Game Innovation Group.

Jade Forge

JadeForge is the platform for the gamification of digital marketing. It is a tool for social gaming for all those who have fun playing the game of chance. JadeForge is focused on multiplayer social gaming – providing the possibility for gamers to play against each other, participate in tournaments and build their own social network and groups with the same affinities. It easily integrates NFTs into the gameplay and saves them on the blockchain in the background. Digital marketing agents can get a great source of the target audience for marketing, and a variety of tools for analytics (KYC). 

Meet SiGMA Europe’s Pitch judges


Join us: 14 – 18 November for SiGMA Europe

Being one of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future, SiGMA’s Malta Week event will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the sector.

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