SiGMA M&A Brokerage facilitates another iGaming acquisition

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SiGMA M&A Brokerage facilitates another iGaming acquisition

The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating high volumes of M&A activity, where companies are being supported in the process of buying or selling businesses and company structures, and the process of raising capital

If you are looking to buy or sell operations or raise capital and form strategic partnerships, SiGMA’s extensive network offers a premium opportunity to make the right connection for your business.

The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating 20+ simultaneous transactions. The largest deals are transactions for 30 million+, and the smaller deals are in the ballpark of 150K+.

The SiGMA Group has been providing this service for free up till now, but in order to dedicate ourselves to even better service, a percental fee of the successful transaction amount is charged after deal completion.

We planned to sell our project, and I hadn’t even expected that the SiGMA M&A team would have been so fast and professional. They made the introduction and supported me until the sale has been finally Initiated. Thanks a lot from me and all my partners, I´m looking forward to closely working with SiGMA in the future!” Andrei Cohen CEO Greenspin

To name a few of the leads that are attracting the most interest at the moment, we represent one large operator targeting the LatAm market that is raising 5 million Euro for expansion. We have a very innovative online casino customer retention software that is raising 450K Euro. There is a casual esports platform that is in the process of raising 1,7 million Euro that has found a very interesting angle to attract future market shares.

“Our strength at the SiGMA Group is to connect and bring the best people together to work on the most promising projects and ventures, our vast network in 4 industry verticals over 4 continents creates a wealth of information and knowledge about the moving parts and timing of imminent success and progress in a number of fields. We are well positioned to support and facilitate our partners on their journey fulfilling their goals”- Marco Ahlgren, Head of M&A at  SiGMA Group.

We have Casino operators selling – ranging from 1,5 million to 30 million. Our vast network across 4 verticals gives us the opportunity to represent a portfolio ranging from cryptocurrency exchanges to Affiliate platforms and slots games providers.

To find out more about how SiGMA’s M&A Brokerage Services can benefit you, connect with our M&A department by visiting our website – or email Marco directly on [email protected].

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For more information on the event please contact Emily on [email protected] or visit our website to find out more about upcoming iGathering events on the SiGMA calendar.

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