SiGMA partners with Imprexis Free-To-Play aiding the drive in player acquisition

SiGMA partners with Imprexis Free-To-Play aiding the drive in player acquisition

The partnership demonstrates SiGMA and Imprexis’ commitment to giving their sportsbook partner operators the best and most advanced tech, with free-to-play representing a sizable and expanding market

SiGMA is delighted to announce a new partnership with Imprexis gaming. This partnership will see both brands joining forces on the launch of a new FTP product aimed at driving player acquisition to SiGMA Partner Operators.

Eman Pulis, SiGMA Group Founder.
“We’re expecting significant growth in FTDs over the coming months” – Eman Pulis, SiGMA Group Founder.

The collaboration highlights SiGMA and Imprexis’ dedication to providing the best and most cutting-edge tech to their sportsbook partner operators, with free-to-play representing a significant growing market.

Launched across the SiGMA Play Network, this FTP will require players to correctly predict the outcome of a select number of fixtures, head to head, or to answer a series of questions in relation to Major Sporting Events. For each correct prediction, the player is awarded free bets and bonuses, the player who predicts all games correctly wins the jackpot prize.

“This is the perfect opportunity to showcase our games to all of SiGMA’s partners.” – Danny Thomas, Imprexis Founder.

Through its directory, SiGMA Play offers a holistic variety of online casinos to its users. From the big players like LeoVegas and Betfair to up-and-coming casinos yet to make their name in the industry as a whole, this affiliate network is your one-stop shop for anything and everything involving iGaming and betting.

Being pioneers in the sector for the past 8 years, SiGMA is in a position to use its extensive network of regulators, business professionals, and other individuals to assemble one of the market’s most complete affiliate networks.

Eman Pulis, Founder of SiGMA Group, stated: “SiGMA Play has been looking for innovative ways of improving player engagement and lead generation. Imprexis’s FTP gaming widgets crossed all the boxes, with multiple options to promote special offers and maximise conversions. We’re expecting significant growth in FTDs over the coming months”.

Simplicity and Scalability are the core values behind Imprexis, this enables the brand to deliver highly flexible and customisable solutions. The Imprexis platform offers an extensive selection of the world’s most popular sports.  Working closely with the industry’s leading prize indemnity experts, Imprexis guarantees secure cover for multi-million jackpots.

“We’re super happy to launch this partnership with SiGMA, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase our games to all of SiGMA’s partners. We look forward to helping both operators and affiliates improve their player acquisition with FTP competitions covering all major sports,” said Danny Thomas, Founder at Imprexis Gaming.

With the ever-increasing laws and restrictions on delivering sign-up bonuses and free spins, FTP games have emerged as the primary weapon for attracting new players and will only continue to gain popularity. FTP competitions should be playing a major role in every gaming company’s marketing plan.

If you’d like to find out how FTP competitions can drastically reduce your CPL, reach out to SiGMA or Imprexis for more information.

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