SiGMA Pitch returns to the stage in 2020!

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The SiGMA Pitch competition allows start-ups and business to put their presentation skills to the test

SiGMA is now accepting applications from iGaming and emerging tech start-ups that are looking for the best way to kick off proceedings. With over 10,000 expected to the 7th edition of the World’s iGaming Festival, Start-ups will not only get a huge brand exposure but also get access to investors and mentors eager to meet interesting projects.

Over the years many have taken up the challenge, be it in the realm of emerging tech and AI, or in the iGaming industry.

As part of SiGMA start-up village initiative, 100 start-ups will be handpicked and offered a FREE stand to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event and only be separated depending on whether they fall under one category or the other. This initiative is for new companies and entrepreneurs to gain attention and investment; it is not for established companies to launch new products or even divisions. Start-ups who are at the prototype stage or who have launched in the last few months are likely to be selected as opposed to the projects who have gained significant media/investment attention and are not at the initial concept phase!

Six judges with an enormous amount of experience in the gaming industry will be shortlisting the top ten out of 100 start-ups and allow them to take part in SiGMA Pitch. One well-deserved winning start-up project will receive a prize pool comprising free office space, PR services, Digital Marketing Services, and much-needed training solutions to give them the greatest chances of success.

‘Being a start-up romantic myself, this competition is something I hold dear to my heart,’ said Eman Pulis, Founder of SiGMA Group.

‘There is no catch – it’s meritocracy at its finest; survival of the fittest – and the person who comes out on top will enjoy the opportunity of having a golden ticket into a blooming ecosystem.’

The 100 shortlisted participants of the SiGMA Pitch will all gain incredible opportunities, including:

  • 1x1m booth at SiGMA show
  • Introduction to investors
  • PR services
  • Digital marketing services
  • The top 10 selected by the judges will speech on stage

Pitch Winners’ Interview Throwbacks:

Pasquale Saviano, the winner of the 2019 AI Pitch Battle and CEO of Photocert, had commented, “I like that fact that you call it a Pitch battle, but the battle is not only among start-ups but also, in a sense, with the crowd. Nowadays, everybody is online all the time and if you want to get your message across it has to be more interesting than the next WhatsApp notification. In my case, it probably was a mix of product novelty, current relevance (deep fakes) and fun facts.”

David Sachs, the winner of the 2018 SiGMA Pitch and CEO of Tomobox, similarly noted, “As a multiple-time entrepreneur I was all against start-up pitches… until I won one! Joking aside, the number one challenge for start-ups is: how do you get above the noise? You may have a great solution, but so do a thousand other start-ups. One of the great things SiGMA has done for the industry is picking up ten really great companies out of a couple of hundred competitors and allowing them to convey their message, to get above the crowds and reach the customer. That’s our daily struggle – how do I get in front of the customer, potential partners, and investors?”


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