SiGMA Roadshow: Manila marked for success

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With Asia on the road to recovery, SiGMA Roadshow’s third leg of its tour touched base on various key topics surrounding the Asian gaming market and the future outlook of several jurisdictions

Along with great speakers, the SiGMA Virtual Roadshow – Manila, welcomed over 2k in delegate registrations and 2574 conference views. There were also over 3.5k registrations and the number of total booth entries surpassed the 10k mark. This virtual roadshow was offered in 2 languages, namely Chinese and English. This was a well-received gesture by the Asian community.

Opening Keynote

Opening keynoteIn her opening keynote, PAGCOR chairperson and CEO Andrea Domingo, lent her expertise as she kicked off the summit with a strong message of support towards SiGMA’s initiatives.

She went on to say that she’s hopeful the Philippine gaming industry will explore new markets and products, using different kinds of technology as their target is for the country to dominate the industry in the next three to five years. She also brings to light regulatory policies for offshore gaming operators which should be strengthened in light of digital and online platforms.

In her own words, Domingo states ‘I think its very important to keep up with the fast-paced shift to the digital landscape. We have also introduced live slots, which means online betting – but those who could play would only be the VIP players in the integrated resorts and casinos.

To protect the legitimate operators and help them preserve their revenues, we forge a stronger partnership with the Office of the President, the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Immigration, the National Bureau of Immigration – they are now actively carving illegal online gambling in the country.’

2021 and beyond: Getting back to normal

2021 and beyondIn this exciting panel, three industry experts have come together with moderator Yanni Collins, to discuss the future outlook of the gaming industry in Asia, Europe and the US which all suffered greatly during the height of the pandemic.

The three panelists leading the discussion are Alex Cohen COO and Co-Founder of Kalamba Games, Tony Tong the Co-Chairmain of Hong Kong Blockchain Association as well as Calvin Lim, President and group CEO of DFNN Group.

Discussing land-based gaming in Macau Tony Tong is positive that business Macau will get back to normal ideally this year with the mass gaming market in Macau growing and VIP gaming possibly shrinking.

Alex Cohen said that ‘a lot of the companies who have a land-based presence in Europe also have an online presence, they’ve taken their user-base and tried to reach them online.’

With hopes that 2021 and beyond will prove to be normal, the panelist presented very valuable information with regards to the necessary convergence for land-based casinos and online gaming operations moving forward.

PIGOS: The latest regulation trends

Pigos regulation trendsIn the next panel, Yanni Collins is joined by two Asian gaming professionals Joe Pisano, CEO of Jade Entertainment and Loren Stout, Founder and CEO of Pixil Asia and Dragon Points Live to discuss the Philippine inshore gaming operations also known as PIGOs. Here the discussion focuses around PIGOs latest trends and regulations.

Joe Pisano praises PAGCOR for being the first regulator in Asia to take the initiative of solving several gaming problems that have been around for some time especially during the difficult period of the pandemic.

‘PAGCOR has shown the initiative to do what a lot of other jurisdictions have wanted to do for quite some time. They’ve taken the step to bridge the gap between land-based and online.

We can’t hand over land-based gaming to a gray market, it has to be well regulated and PAGCOR has put the regulations and certifications in place to take care of this.’

Loren Stout agrees stating that he thinks ‘the benefit here would be to regulate the potential black markets that might exist and help localise the current online offerings for online businesses.

They unfolded some of the major trends and attitudes and regulations in online gaming in other Asian countries.

Asia Gaming 2030

Asia Gaming 2030In this key panel discussion our leading experts Alidad Tash, Managing Director of 2NT8 Limited and Vitaly Umansky, who is the managing director and senior analyst discuss what’s beyond the pandemic by covering key Asian jurisdictions.

Alidad Tash believes that there will be a shift into mass gaming which will also include a lot more emphasis on the non gaming element he goes on to say that this ‘is what the government has been hopping on for quite some time.’

Covering China Umansky stresses on the fact that Chinese authorities have been cracking down on ‘junket related business within mainland China.

The junket industry is looking to remain under significant pressure and won’t revert back to 2019 levels.’

Korea follows suit as the government of Korea, with the exception of one remote area, is not allowing local gaming, opposite to the Philippines, where local gaming will help it sustain itself.

With Thailand in discussion Tash reveals that ‘Thailand’s been the fantasy location, probably the most talked about locate jurisdiction that has yet to have casino after Japan – and this is an environment, where it’s a lot more likely now, than 10 years ago.

If an iGaming resort does work in Thailand, I think the combination of hospitality, beauty, food would be a fantastic addition to the Asian gaming market.’

How to establish a profitable esports betting brand

esports In the next keynote titled ‘How to establish a profitable esports betting brand’ Mario Ovcharov, CEO of Ultraplay stresses on the fact that to reach as many people as esports companies possibly can, they should turn to localisation to make sure their products fit the Asian market perfectly.

With the placement of bets being the main goal of a betting site, one has also to look into facilitating betting, on their platform. He also touches base on esports betting marketing by emphasising on the importance of tailored offerings, affiliate programs and marketing. Esports has seen explosive growth over the past years as one of the primary outlets for entertainment in the digital age.

Upcoming Events

SiGMA Roadshow’s next event will be centered around Germany in June, and Nigeria in July. The second part of the tour kicks off in September with Romania, New Jersey in October, Taiwan in November, before rounding off the year with the Netherlands in December. View the full calendar of events and agenda here.

Want to be part of the SiGMA Virtual Roadshow? Get in touch and register here.

SiGMA Roadshow: Next stop Germany
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