SiGMA Summits: Where titans of gaming make their voices heard

Matthew Calleja 1 year ago
SiGMA Summits: Where titans of gaming make their voices heard

As the world’s leading authority in iGaming, SiGMA Group’s events have consistently united the most distinguished and imaginative thinkers in the gaming industry.

As we gear up for the much-awaited SiGMA Americas and Asia Summits, we are thrilled to share with you our top moments from past events, truly putting our money where our mouth is. Catch a glimpse of what awaits you at 2023’s upcoming summits. We are confident that you will not want to miss out on these exceptional opportunities to be part of the future of iGaming, regulation, Esports, affiliation and more.

SiGMA’s top 5 speaker highlights

Gary Vee – SiGMA Eurasia 2023, Dubai, UAE

Gary Vee proved to be a remarkable addition to SiGMA Eurasia 2023 speaker lineup. With his extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and mastery of public speaking, he captivated the audience with his insightful and inspiring ideas.

Gary Vee discussed the significant opportunity of underpriced attention in today’s business climate. He emphasised the importance of effectively capturing the attention of a brand’s audience and consistently communicating its message. While a high impression rate is crucial, he stressed that it’s only meaningful if businesses can engage with their audience on a personal and meaningful level.

He pointed out that the balance of power has shifted from building a community to creating engaging content that can impact consumers without necessarily relying on a large infrastructure of people. Attendees left Gary Vee’s speech with a deeper understanding of the modern business landscape and how to stay relevant and effective in it.

Roberto Gallo and Johnny Walker – SiGMA Eurasia 2023, Dubai, UAE

Johnny Walker, one of the top 5 speakers
Legendary Brazilian MMA fighter Johnny Walker.

Last March, the SiGMA / AGS conference in Dubai kicked off on a high note – a fireside chat with none other than legendary MMA fighter Johnny Walker and Roberto Gallo, the innovative CEO and Founder of Centurion FC.

Gallo is presently working on the titanic task of merging the worlds of MMA and iGaming, to create new and exciting opportunities for fans and players alike. He is collaborating with SiGMA to achieve his vision and navigate the regulatory landscape while striving to change the MMA game. Despite the challenges, he remains undaunted in his pursuit of pushing the boundaries and elevating the sport to new heights.

Walker shared his insight on the key to success in MMA.

To achieve greatness in this game, there’s no substitute for hard work, day in and day out. Consistency is the key. There are no shortcuts to success, only the grind. You must remain adaptable, stay nimble, and be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Catch Roberto Gallo’s interview in this issue of the SiGMA Magazine, and chance to meet Johnny Walker at SiGMA’s Americas Summit in Brazil this June!

Susan Breen – SiGMA Europe 2022, Malta Week

Susan Breen

As a partner of Mishcon de Reya’s Betting and Gaming Group for over two decades, Susan Breen has acquired an impressive portfolio and expertise in corporate and M&A, regulation, and commercial advice. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of betting and gaming.

You have some clients waiting in the wings, others that have already positioned themselves very well, early adopters in the market always do well.

In the panel below, Breen discusses the topic of nurturing appropriate institutional relations from lessons learnt in Malta, UK, Italy & Sweden, with fellow experts.

Nolan Bushnell – SiGMA Europe 2021, Malta Week

SiGMA events have a history of hosting influential figures like Nolan Bushnell, who was a keynote speaker at the 2021 edition of Malta Week. As the founder of Atari, Inc. in 1972, Nolan is widely regarded as a primary innovator and pioneer in the video gaming industry.

During his talk, he shared his thoughts on the future of esports and competitive gaming, showcasing the SiGMA platform’s commitment to bringing the most prominent thought leaders in the gaming industry to the forefront.

I often looked at the world as people that want to have fun and governments that want to keep you from having fun. So, all of a sudden, if you enfranchise the former and disenfranchise the latter, that’s going to be the Metaverse.

Andrea D. Domingo – SiGMA Digital 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on numerous industries, and iGaming was no exception. As businesses scrambled to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in 2020, SiGMA Group took a proactive approach by pivoting to digital.

This strategic move earned high praise from industry luminary Andrea Domingo, the former chair and CEO of PAGCOR, who is widely regarded as a trailblazer in the iGaming space. During a keynote speech at a special digital conference, Domingo spoke on a variety of topics, including iGaming policy, employment, and the importance of aligning industry practices with existing laws.

Regulation buffs will be delighted to hear that current PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco plans to be present at this July’s SiGMA Asia Summit, in Manila, Philippines.

Do you have what it takes to make your voice heard?

Are you ready to join the ranks of the titans of the gaming industry who have graced the SiGMA stage in the past? Now is your chance to test the power of your voice and share your knowledge with the world. SiGMA Americas and Asia in June and July, SiGMA Cyprus in September, and SiGMA Europe in November are calling for speakers who can captivate, inspire and innovate.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of the SiGMA legacy – apply now by sending Emily a message!

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