Singapore: Family duo arrested for illegal gambling operation

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The illegal operation, spanning 7 years, has seen the father and son potentially rake in $10million

A father (Ow Gowan Hock) and son (Ow Choon Bok) have been sentenced to a number of years in jail due to their involvement in an illegal gambling business. Not only were the duo involved but it is suspected that they were the ones who orchestrated the whole operation. The duration of their sentence behind bars will be determined on the basis whether they can pay the imposed fines. 

The activities, spearheaded by the father and son, were a multinational operation related to the Singapore Pools lotteries. 

Choon Bok, 44 years, and Ow Gowan Hock, 73 years old, pleaded guilty to the illegal activity, which began in 2009. During a six-month period in 2016 the pair made over $670,500, with a potential of taking around $10 million during a 7 year period (2009-2016).  

The son was responsible for the operations of the illegal racket, managing staff and wagers, while also permitting a known Singapore currency | SiGMA Newscriminal gang to utilise the platform,, to run their illegal operations. Due to his heavy involvement, Choon Bok was sentenced to five years in prison. 

Meanwhile, his father will serve three and a half years for assisting his son in the illegal operation. Ow Gowan Hock allowed his son to use his personal account as a depository for received bets. This is not a new environment for Ow Gowan Hock as he was involved in illegal gambling all the way dating back to 1970, paying multiple fines during the years. 

The prosecutors were seeking a total fine of $1.05 million but the judge has ordered a significantly less amount to be paid. The son and father must pay $376,800 and $226,080 respectively. Failure to pay these fines will result in a further ten months in prison for Choon Book and an added six months for Ow Gowan Hock. 

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