SmartSoft Gaming’s new release – Evolution Slot

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SmartSoft Gaming continues to innovate and presents the freshly backed slot game – Evolution

Want to roam through the eons of winnings and discover bonuses crystalised in amber? Now you can dig Evolution 2-1deep into the past epochs of our planet and feel the incredible force of Evolution.

Here the raptor breathes fire and enflames the symbols lost in time. Here, the asteroids carry the luck instead of extinction. Here, you define the origin of species. Here, you control the means of natural selection.

Description and features:

The game is a classic 3×5 slot with 10 pay lines. Like all slots by SmartSoft Gaming, Evolution has a steady RTP level of 97.5% with a 48.6 Volatility coefficient.

Evolution 4

The slot has several features that make the game very exciting for the players and can entertain them during the play. After every spin, the raptor on the left screen might suddenly shout and change the regular symbols Evolution 1to wilds, which also could trigger the bonus game. In the bonus game, the player gets free spins and one special symbol is selected randomly, which if triggered, replaces all symbols in the reel. If in the bonus game 3 wild symbols appear, the player gets extra free spins. All this makes it realistic to catch the maximum 5000X win.

Additionally, from time to time, players are given missions and in case of completing the task, extra wins are awarded. Players are also given the opportunity to buy the bonus game instantly, instead of waiting for the lucky spin.

SiGMA website adds French as its 6th language:
SiGMA Group is excited to announce the addition of a 6th language to its website. Users can now find all content, including the SiGMA News website, in French. The latest addition to SiGMA’s portfolio of languages will run alongside the recently launched Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese content, and aims to cater to SiGMA’s wide portfolio of international events.

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