SMSEdge reinvents sms marketing

Content Team 2 years ago
SMSEdge reinvents sms marketing

SMSEdge is the number one platform for SMS marketers and marketing professionals looking to expand their operations to SMS marketing

Most marketers and email marketers have the database to use SMS marketing, but they don’t use it, usually due to underestimating the profit potential of SMS marketing. SMS’s have an opening rate of over 94% and that is within the first few minutes of receiving the SMS. SMS marketing is fast and effective and you can see the results right away.

One of the numerous advantages that SMSEdge offers as an SMS marketing platform is split testing. Split testing is an effective tool for scaling and maximizing your profits. In SMSEdge we give you the ability to split test every single aspect of your SMS campaign; routes, ad texts, landing pages, and more. All of this in just a few minutes.

Another significant advantage SMSEdge offers is a marketing automation funnel. You can connect it via API or Zapier to an opt-in option you have either on your website or on social media like Facebook Leads, and create a fully automated marketing funnel with custom settings and segmentation, all automatic.

In SMSEdge, we work with clients to optimize and scale their campaigns to get maximum results in minimum time:

✅ Expected CTR between 8% to 40%

✅ Split test every aspect of your SMS campaign

✅ Upload contacts with automatic cleaning

✅ Competitive SMS pricing, pay only for what you send, platform included

✅ Amazing support via live chat, Skype and phone

✅ Global reach, SMS anywhere

✅ Get results immediately.

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