Sneak peek of the VIPs you will get to meet during SiGMA Dubai

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Sneak peek of the VIPs you will get to meet during SiGMA Dubai

As is the norm, another of SiGMA Group’s events means the promise of VIP celebrities roaming around the expo floor

There are various VIPs heading to Dubai with us on the 20th of March and nobody can bring the gaming, affiliation, and crypto and blockchain crowd all under one roof better than SiGMA Group. By merging three flagship shows together (SiGMA, AIBC, and AGS), Dubai will surely be an event you wouldn’t want to miss.

From the maker of the world’s most expressive robot Sofia to artist and philanthropist Akon, here’s a sneak peek at some of the names on our guest list this year:

Chris MMCrypto

Christopher Jaszczynski is a Cryptocurrency expert and entrepreneur from Germany. He co-founded MMCrypto, one of the most popular Cryptocurrency-related YouTube channel.

MMConsult, a network of Blockchain project consultants and Bitcoin investors, was launched by Jaszczynski in 2017.

Jaszczynski’s YouTube channel has over 534,000 followers and over three million monthly views. Completing his studies in Economics, Jaszczynski combines that knowledge with the topics discussed on his channel.

MMCrypto’s Christopher Jaszczynski was one of the first to use on-chain data to anticipate the price of Bitcoin. He’s currently regarded as the go-to expert for on-chain analytics and analysis. Price analysis is the channel’s primary focus, although it also includes economics, monetary policy, tutorials, expert interviews, and other forms of material.

Christopher Jaszczynski’s attendance during SiGMA Group’s Summit in Dubai will broaden our roster of thought leaders in the Blockchain and affiliation field, who will share their well-earned insights through panels, and compelling keynote addresses. Keep an eye out for updates.

Ben Goertzel

SingularityNET’s CEO and founder, Ben Goertzel, is an artificial intelligence VIP researcher. SingularityNET arose from a shared desire to disseminate AI’s capabilities. One of our first use cases is Sophia, the world’s most expressive robot.

In 2019, he made his first appearance at the AIBC Summit Malta, where he drew the attention of 6000 thousand people by unveiling Sophia, the first android to be awarded legal citizenship.

The humanoid, with the nationality of Saudi Arabia, has made a number of provocative statements, the most recent of which has stunned the world: she wants to have a robot baby and create her own family.

Ben Goertzel is sure to wow our audiences with every appearance. During our Summit in Dubai this year, Gortezel will share his decade of experience bringing AI to real-world challenges in fields ranging from natural language processing and data mining to robotics, video gaming, national security, and bioinformatics.


An all-time favourite during SiGMA’s shows, Akon, will also be making his way with us to Dubai. Because of the crucial network, intelligent information, and expansion chances provided at our AIBC Summit, Akon has been attending SiGMA Group’s expo on a regular basis.

The hip-hop VIP sensation is a well-known philanthropist in Africa. Through the blockchain-based cryptocurrency Akoin, he intends to enable young entrepreneurs in Africa to enhance the continent’s emerging economies and help the establishment of sustainable communities.

Inspired entrepreneurs will establish future-forward firms and support innovation, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the rest of the world through the artist’s Akoin Foundation.

The star musician, Akon has agreed to take part in our conference in March where he’ll delve deeper into the discussion of tokens and the hopes he has for the blockchain-based cryptocurrency he funded which might help young African entrepreneurs enhance the continent’s burgeoning economies and support the establishment of sustainable communities.

During the expo, Akon will also hold an Investor’s Breakfast taking place on the 22nd of March, where ten start-up companies will be provided with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch their ideas to a select group of investors.

Amin Siala

Amin is a big name known for managing the Google Growth Program, which helps the most ambitious advertisers in Emerging Markets establish new products and markets. Prior to Google, Amin aided Apple’s Channel Sales European expansion to new heights.

He specialises in Lead Generation and eCommerce for a variety of sectors, with a focus on performance campaigns. Amin has advised a large number of leading advertisers on their global expansion and scaling strategies.

Amin holds a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London and a strong background in Electrical Engineering.

Amin’s dynamic delivery and informative content have always made for a fascinating session, having delivered and hosted events in 11 countries. Through his speech during the summit in Dubai, Amin aims to simplify complicated concepts and translate them into simply digestible narratives for all our delegates present.

Ubuntu and SiGMA:

Ubuntu Tribe is one of the key faces shaping the African region. Being one of SiGMA’s main partners, Ubuntu will be delivering a top-notch awards evening for the delegates present in Dubai during the summit. Ubuntu’s core ideology is a world where everyone, including individuals and communities, has equal access to opportunities made possible by financial freedom and humanity’s interconnectedness.

Several key VIPs will be making their way on stage during the awards night. From superior fashion designers to passionate sheiks.

Adama Paris

Adama Ndiaye is a well-known VIP Senegalese fashion designer. She also goes by the name Adama Paris, which happens to be the name of the label she founded and runs. Her Moroccan-made pieces may be found all over the world, including in New York City, Tokyo, London, and Paris.

She is recognised for establishing the first Black Fashion Week and organising and creating the Darker Fashion Week which brought together several African Designers. Her goal is to share one fashion without limits with all modern women.

Queen Diambi Kabatsuila

Queen Diambi Kabatsuila was crowned as the traditional queen of the Bena Tshiyamba People of the Bakwa Indu of Central Kasai Region, which was once part of the historic Luba Empire in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as an Honorary Queen to the Bantu People of Brazil.

Today, Queen Diambi not only uses her voice to promote Africa’s values, but she also works for mankind and the conservation of the planet around the world.

Our handpicked VIPs from three different verticals are sought out to keep you motivated and inspired throughout the conference. Keep an eye out on social media platforms for the latest updates on these celebrities. Want to get involved as one of the speakers for an upcoming SiGMA conference? Reach out!

Asia Awards 2022:

The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.

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