SOFTSWISS unites iGaming community to aid Brazil floods

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SOFTSWISS unites iGaming community to aid Brazil floods

In response to the worst flood in Brazil’s history, SOFTSWISS, a global tech provider of innovative iGaming solutions, has launched a multi-phase charity project. The campaign aims to not only provide immediate aid to those affected and long-term support in restoring the region but also invite industry players to join the initiative.

At the end of April, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul faced a severe flood. Many urban areas are still submerged, with specialists saying the water is not expected to recede soon. The humanitarian situation worsens daily as the weather deteriorates, and food, water, and warm clothing shortages become more acute. The state and the public, including companies and individuals, are doing their best to help.

SOFTSWISS has initiated the campaign to involve the iGaming community to support the region.

“Recognising Brazil as a key market, SOFTSWISS has dedicated significant efforts to establish a strong presence here. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to the Brazilian people and help the local industry grow. We now have employees in the region, and in light of the country’s recent hardships, standing aside is not an option. We are committed to supporting the people of Brazil during this difficult time,” said Ivan Montik, Founder of SOFTSWISS. “We are providing emergency financial assistance, partnering with organisations that can swiftly deliver food, clothing, and water to those impacted by the flood. Additionally, we are developing a long-term initiative to install water purification equipment in schools in the affected regions.”

Providing direct assistance

Recognising the severity of the situation, SOFTSWISS has allocated funds to deliver essential supplies such as food and gas to those in need. This immediate assistance is being facilitated through Movimento União BR, a local charity organisation.

Beyond immediate help, SOFTSWISS is committed to supporting Brazil’s long-term recovery. The company has pledged additional resources to PWTECH for the installation of water purification equipment in schools across the affected regions of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This will provide a sustainable solution to ensure access to clean drinking water not just during this crisis, but for future generations.

Engaging the iGaming community

SOFTSWISS is calling upon the global iGaming community to join its relief efforts initiative. In addition to the financial contribution, the company provides crucial informational support. SOFTSWISS, in conjunction with its Non-Executive Director in Latin America, Rubens Barrichello, has chosen a trusted Brazilian charity partner to help those who suffered in the Brazil flood:

  • Movimento União BR – a volunteer movement that acts as a bridge between those who want to help and those who need help. Started in 2020 to fight against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, it has supported more than 26 million people and 4 thousand NGOs.

In addition, anyone can contribute to help flood victims through an official channel activated by the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

SOFTSWISS guarantees that donations effectively reach people in need.

Rubens Barrichello, SOFTSWISS Non-Executive Director in Latin America: “I am very glad the SOFTSWISS team I joined is committed to supporting Brazilians in this difficult situation. Having launched many charity initiatives with the Barrichello Family Institute, I am grateful that, together with SOFTSWISS, we also have the opportunity to help those who need our support now.”

By supporting these verified charities alongside SOFTSWISS’ financial and informational aid, the iGaming community can make sure their contributions directly help those affected by the Brazil flood.

Brazil needs iGaming community action!

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