STEAMPUNK: The New Sci-Fi World that won Espresso Games over

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STEAMPUNK: The New Sci-Fi World that won Espresso Games over

Espresso Games presenting its compelling graphic solutions and innovative game engines to their players

joker_450x625Espresso Games, the long-standing Italian game studio whose games are now available on the most prestigious platforms all over the world, is well known to the players for its compelling graphic solutions and innovative game engines.

A constant search, which is often inspired by cinema and new trends, has led Espresso to a sci-fi world that features a series of new games with a strong visual impact and steampunk style. Nestled in a varied and entertaining suite of more than 75 games, this latest production has been designed not only for the new generations, but for all targets and categories.

Steam joker Slot one3D design, 26 winning combinations and a single line make the Steam Joker Slot ONE an ingenious and fun game. The unconventional theme and game engine reach their full potential through lucky winning combinations and prizes combined with intriguing characters.


The Special Gear on top of the reels turns as the reels spin and four eccentric characters might appear randomly, activating winning features and animating the whole game in a nebulous post-industrial setting.

When the Special Gear stops at Wild Jack, it forms a combo with any J icons on the reels; if there are 5 J’s on the reels, the Super Wild Jack kicks in and multiplies the winnings 40 times. When the Queen appears, she awards Queen Scatters according to the number of Q icons on the reels. Finally, when the King shows up, King Bonus Spins are given out based on the number of K on the reels.

SteamJokerSlot_JokerMagicIf the Special Gear stops at the Magic Joker, the special Respin will commence and the reels will move up or down to reveal at least one Magic Joker symbol. The more Magic Joker symbols, the greater the award!


Steam joker pokerThe Joker and its thrilling personality can also be found in the VP Steam Joker Poker both in the classic and in the 4-hands version. The Joker is a wild card and a substitute for other cards to complete winning combos.


As in the Steam Joker Slot One, we can see the same punk post-industrial setting and intense animations according to the type of winning.

heart_300x238The player experiences a 3D show, with cross-references to cinema and animation that gives life to the symbols on the cards, in case of winning hands. As for all VPs by Espresso Games, the two options Double and Hi-Lo complete the game by adding suspense and adrenaline to the classic formula.

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